Hellvape Fused Clapton Coil 10 Pack $3.51

Here's a great deal on the Hellvape Fused Clapton Coil 10 Pack! Get this coil pack for only $3.51 when logging into your account and using our promo code "vapingcheap10"! Free worldwide shipping applies to orders over $30.

Hellvape's Fused Clapton Coil pack is available in two different options, type one and type two. Regardless of which option you choose, it does come in a small container, and each type includes 10 of each pre-made exotic coil. The container these coils do come in are easy to take with you when on the go, and small enough to store almost anywhere. In addition, both coil types are 3mm in diameter, so they'll fit the vasty majority of atomizers.

Hellvape fused clapton

Type one of these coils have a resistance of 0.21 ohm when used in a single coil configuration and 0.1 ohm when used as dual coils. These exotic coils do feature two 26GA wire for the inner core and wrapped with 36GA wire. Type two offers the same resistance (0.21 ohm or 0.1 ohm when in dual), but feature three 28GA inner wire cores wrapped with 36GA. Fused Clapton coils are known as some of the best coils for flavor, and one of our personal favorite coil types.

Whether you're looking to stock up on some Fused Claptons or want to try out some for cheap, you can't go wrong with this deal. At this price, you can grab both types to see which you prefer! Remember to use our exclusive coupon in order to get the full discount!

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Hellvape Fused Clapton Coil Pack Features:

  • Comes In Small Storage Case
  • Includes 10 Pre-Built Exotic Coils
  • Knowledge of Ohms Law & Battery Safety Recommended
  • Two Types Available:
    • Type One
      • Inner Wire: 26GAx26GA
      • Outer Wire: 36GA
      • 6 Wraps
      • 3mm ID
      • Resistance: 0.21 ohm (Single), 0.1 ohm (Dual)
    • Type Two
      • Inner Wire: 28GAx28GAx28GA
      • Outer Wire: 36GA
      • 6 Wraps
      • 3mm ID
      • Resistance: 0.21 ohm (Single), 0.1 ohm (Dual)

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