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Here is where you'll find our Mt Baker Vapor Coupon Code.

Everyone's taste buds are different and vapers will almost always not like the same e-liquid. With that being said, spending money on finding the right e-juice for you can be time consuming and worst of all, expensive.

If we counted the amount of dollars we've spent on e-liquid this year alone to find that perfect vape, it'd be eye opening. There's simply not a lot of options when it comes to finding not only cheap juice to try, but quality as well. So we decided to help our readers by not overpaying for e-juice and finding the perfect vape at a cheap cost!

Mt baker vapor coupon code (updated)

Get FAST Shipping plus 10% OFF using our coupon code!

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Expired on: 12/31/2021
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How To Use Your Mt Baker Vapor Coupon

Here you'll find a guide on exactly how you can use and apply your mount baker vapor coupon. By following each step provided, you can easily find and apply our promo code to your order.

1. Click on "Show Code" above and copy our coupon code.

2. Visit

3. Shop various e-liquid flavors, flavor shots and hardware. We'd like to note that Mount Baker Vapor now offers not only their line of e-juice, but various other affordable brands as well in tons of different sizes and nicotine strengths. In addition, they've updated their hardware selection to cater to the vast majority of vapers. If you're interested in no nicotine in your e-liquid, be sure to check out their "0 Nic" tab where they'll list all flavors with no nicotine added.

4. Mt Baker Vapor offers a lot of different products, but we do recommend checking out their own e-liquid line as there are a lot of different flavors available such as Candy, Beverage, Cereal, Dessert, Fruit, Menthol, Tobacco and tons more. There's also an option of "MBV 240ml" and those huge bottles are perfect for keeping stock of your favorite flavors from MBV.

5. Something that's always recommended is to create an account. At the top right corner of the website, you'll see a person shaped button, simply click on there to start the process.

6. Once you're there, either log into your existing account or if you're new, simply click on create account located on the right side of the page.

7. Now you're at the page where you can enter your shipping information and email for faster checkouts, tracking your orders, access your order history, track new orders, save multiple shipping addresses and even save items to your own wish list.

8. When adding a specific flavor to your cart, there are various options available. Simply click on the option you want for each section (size, nicotine strength and blend) and then add to your cart. Something worth noting with the blends, for vapers looking for more vapor, we recommend "Max VG". For vapers wanting less clouds and e-juice suited for mouth to lung tanks, we do recommend a higher nicotine strength and 50VG/50PG.

9. Once you've added all the items you want into your cart, simply click on the small cart icon which is located at the top right of the page. 

10. Now do keep in mind before you finish shopping, domestic orders over $50 does quality for free shipping. So we do recommend taking advantage of this offer as shipping e-juice (depending on weight) can be quite costly!

11. Once you're in your cart, you will see "Coupon Code" and to the right of it "Add Coupon". Simply click on "Add Coupon" and paste our mt baker coupon. After applying the discount code, you will see the price of your grand total change to the discounted amount. If you've hit over $50 in your cart, you've not only got fast shipping, but free shipping too!

12. After this, you can go over your order once more, and add your shipping and billing information (it's automatically there if you're logged into your account). Once this is finished, you will be able to confirm and place your order. Simple and easy!

About Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor was founded back in 2011, and aimed to change smokers to vapers by providing great vape products whether it's e-liquid, actual hardware or vape accessories. This company is well known for their quality e-liquid, and is one of the first companies to actually provide e-liquid at an affordable price point with almost all of their flavors coming in at under $10 and even their largest (240ml size) costing under $40.

They not only carry their own e-liquid line, but they do carry others as well. The brands they do carry still have an affordable price tag, keeping true to what this company stands for and has been offering for years. Mount Baker also stocks a variety of vape products for both the beginner and advanced vaper. Their hardware offerings range from regulated devices, unregulated devices, and even Ego style devices and Cartomizers, which aren't found in many shops today. 

MtBakerVapor has shipped over 1.5 million orders to many different vapers around the world (over 150 countries!). With their premium quality e-liquid and affordable prices, it's easy to see why this company has fans across the globe. So no matter what vaper you are, whether advanced or beginner and no matter what you're looking for, Mt Baker Vapor strives to provide their customer with everything they need with exceptional customer service. 

Why Shop at Mt Baker Vapor?

  • Flavor Options - Mt Baker offers a ton of different flavors, so it's easy to find all of your favorite profiles. They carry dessert, tobacco, menthol, bakery, fruit and more. They also have various other lines available as well such as GWAR Fluids. 
  • Affordable pricing - Mount Baker Vapor has always been one of our shops to pick up e-liquid due to their ultra low prices. 30ml bottles are under $10 and giant sizes 240mls are under $40, so no matter if you want to try a flavor for cheap or stock up on a favorite at an affordable price, they've got you covered.
  • The bottle selection, many companies do not offer various sizes, typically only one. So having these options are great, especially if wanting to try one or two flavors for cheap.
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    Fast shipping, this company always ships their orders incredibly quick. Before you know it, your order is at your doorstep!
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    Amazing customer service. We've only had one issue with a previous order, and their customer service team was quick to respond and resolve the problem.
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    Great loyalty program! When you shop at MBV, you will earn loyalty rewards which can be used for a discount on your next order!
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     Nicotine strengths up to 24mg available. They're one of the few e-liquid companies who actually offer nicotine strengths up to 24mg, which is perfect for vapers who enjoy mouth to lung vaping and a stronger throat hit.
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    Various Blends available. This is something else that many companies do not offer as well. This allows you to further customize your e-liquid to the specific atomizer you're vaping on.
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    Not only do they offer fast shipping, but they offer free shipping on domestic orders over $50! This can definitely save you quite a lot of money as e-liquid is heavy and shipping costs can jump up rather quickly!

Mt Baker Vapor Top Products

Some of the top products from Mt Baker Vapor are Hawk Sauce, Thug Juice and Blue Moo. All three of these flavors are from Mount Baker Vapor's e-liquid line. In addition, each flavor can be customized in your preferred nicotine strength and blend.

Hawk Sauce is their best seller, and there are tons of vapers out there who can really vouch for this one. This e-juice is described as blackberry, raspberry, both sweet and sour flavors that deliver a refreshing yet cool vape experience. Now do keep it mind this specific flavor does have menthol, but it is available without it, so you can enjoy all of the fruit flavor notes without the added cooling effect!

Next on the list is Thug Juice, which is yet another fan favorite. This is also another flavor which has menthol, but is available without it for those vapers not keen on the cooling effect in their vape. This one is described as a blend of berries and melon with a cool menthol finish and that's exactly what it tastes like. You get the best of berries and melon with or without a cooling effect.

Last, but not least is our personal favorite, Blue Moo. We're a huge fan of dessert flavors and this one does not let you down! This flavor is described as sweet blueberries with cream, and it is incredibly tasty! Blue Moo is constantly in our rotation and thankfully Mt Baker Vapor does offer this e-liquid in a big 240ml bottle!

Other Similar Brands & Coupon Codes

If you aren't able to find what you want at Mt Baker Vapor, there are other online vape shops with coupon codes we recommend checking out.

If you're looking for an even wider selection of vape hardware, then we do recommend checking out VaporDNA. They offer a large selection of newer vape hardware, premium e-liquid, accessories and more. Our exclusive coupon code with them also saves you 10% off the entire site and they do offer both domestic and international shipping options.

Mt baker vapor coupon code 1 mt baker vapor coupon code get big discounts on everything

The next store we recommend checking out is Banzai Vapors. They also craft their own selection of premium e-liquids with various lines available. They're well known throughout the vape industry, and have been for quite some time. With our exclusive promo code, you can save 20% off all e-liquids, including their newest and seasonal releases!

Lightning Vapes is another excellent option if you're looking for affordable e-liquid. They have a variety of unique flavors available in two different sizes. In addition, they do stock an extensive selection of vape accessories including a ton of different wire (stainless steel, kanthal and more), batteries, and even exotic pre-made coils! Best of all, you can save 15% off with our discount code!

10% Off

Get Fast Shipping & 10% off using our coupon code!

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Expired on: 12/31/2021
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MtBakerVapor Coupon and Ordering FAQs

Will the Mount Baker Vapor Coupon work on all products?

The coupon code provided will work on many different products they offer. However, if the coupon code cannot be applied to your item in your cart, you will be notified or the discount will only apply to the products that can be discounted.

Is the Mt Baker Coupon always active?

There is an expiration date for the coupon codes provided. However, we will always update when more coupons are available or if new promo codes are offered.

Is free shipping available for all orders?

Free shipping is available for domestic orders over $50. This is something we highly recommend taking advantage of to save on the shipping cost.

Do they offer international shipping?

Yes, MBV does offer international shipping and ships to over 150 different countries. The price of shipping can vary depending on the country.

Am I able to track my order?

Yes, you can track your order. If you've created an account, you can log into your account to check on the order status and if the order has shipped, a tracking number will be available. In addition, once your order has shipped, you will be notified by email with the tracking number as well.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact their customer service by visiting their website. At the top of the page, there is a phone number available which you can call. In addition, you can reach out to Mt Baker Vapor by email for your needs. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "support" and you can see all of your options in regards to reaching customer service.

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