Eleaf IStick Review (2018) – A Great 50W Mod for Starters!

A foggy good morning to all my fellow vapers, as well as those brave newbies who’re planning on breaking into the vaping game with a nice new mini mod.

I’m a firm advocate of the mini mod choice for newbies as I believe there’s a whole lot to be said for the type of satisfaction you get out of an actual mod's solid cloud production and full flavor. I wish I’d have had the opportunity to try a box mod before purchasing my original eGo pen but I didn’t…you guys are fortunate enough, however, to have that high powered option.

With that said, I plan on bringing you an Eleaf iStick 50W try out today and I’m excited to check out this latest addition to Eleaf’s impressive family of mini-mods and vaping products. Eleaf is best known for delivering sleek, sexy mini mods with with an excellent performance factor, at truly reasonable prices. I associate the brand with high quality finishes, as well as above average ease of use…making them an ideal starter brand for fashion conscious noobs and ex-smokers who need a nice discreet machine that still delivers the juice.

I’m rearing to get started on this Eleaf 50W iStick review, as I felt that the product’s 10W, 20W and 30W predecessors were triumphs in their classes, showing a great deal of potential for the brand’s future in vaping. I’m keen to experience a little sub-Ohming on an Eleaf and I’m pumped that I get to do it for you!

Eleaf iStick 50w Ratings

Eleaf iStick 50w Review

eleaf istick 50w review

During this iStick Eleaf 50W review, I used the device in conjunction with the Kanger Subtank Mini. I found this to be an optimal pairing for exploring the device's range, while enjoying well above average battery life.


  • 5W - 50W range
  • Output 2.0V to 10.0V
  • 510 Spring loaded connection
  • 4400mAh Battery
  • Available in Pink, Blue, Silver and Black
  • Button Lock
  • Resistance range 5.0 down to 0.2 Ohm
  • 83mm x 23mm x 45mm


First Impression, Look And Feel: The round edged, rectangular design is reminiscent of the older members of the iStick family…the sleek lines, brushed finish , chrome base and chrome upper surface are, as always, pleasing to the eye. This time round I’m even more delighted, the black strip down the side where the triangular control buttons and OLED screen are placed, gives the mod a race-car feel and the chrome firing button is, as usual, perfectly placed.

The hand-feel is an improvement on predecessors, less rattle in the buttons and far more solid. The onboard battery does make for a lighter device, however it’s not so light that it feels cheap.

The clean 23mm top surface make this device suitable for pairing with most of your favorite mini sub-Ohm tanks, like the MELO III Mini or Subtank Mini, whether 22mm or 23mm.

Improved Threading: The new stainless steel threading will see that your threading won’t wear through…a problem we experienced with the previous models.

Ease Of Use: The bright OLED screen displays only the basics, resistance, battery charge, watts and volts. The basic controls (with a total of about 4 functions), onboard batteries and the overall simplicity of the device make it the perfect choice for a beginner to mod and sub-Ohm vaping. These same factors might count as cons for the more experienced users but I’d say that this device is geared far more toward the former.

Safety Features: The device features short circuit, low voltage and temperature protection. The device will automatically shut off if it hits above 70 degreed celsius, so there’s no chance of your iStick overheating.

Passthrough Charge And Good Battery Life: During my review, I enjoyed excellent battery life…8 hours with fairly heavy vaping. At the end of that, I was pleased to find that the device supports passthrough charging, meaning I was able to plug in the USB to charge, whilst still vaping on the device.

Vape Quality:

I experienced a good, full vape in the at about 35W with my Subtank. For a more in-depth look into how she vapes, as well as a comparison between the 30W and 50W versions...check out this video.


The Chrome: The upper surface is inclined to get spotted with juicy fingerprints and requires constant polishing.

Not A High Wattage Vape: Now, this isn’t a con for everyone but remember, the 5-50 W range of this device means that it really performs best at around 25 to 35 W, it’s really a device for beginners to the sub-Ohm class and cannot be vaped comfortably below about 0.4 Ohm, that was my experience during this Eleaf iStick 50w review.

Ramp Time: There is a slight delay after firing, before the device reaches temp, so my advice is to wait half a second after pressing fire before you begin to draw on the device.

The Onboard Battery: While this element does add points to the device’s Ease Of Use factor, it doesn’t bode well for the lifespan of the device. A single 18650 would have given the user the security of knowing that, when their battery eventually caves in (which it probably will, though that didn’t happen to me during this iStick 50W by Eleaf review), at least they won’t have to buy a new device.

Top Features of Eleaf iStick 50w

Eleaf is dedicated to improving their service and have proved this by rectifying customer issues with every new release. They deliver on the three Aces of Range, Quality and Performance…plus, the ease of use of their products makes them an outstanding choice for newbies to the art of vaping.


So that spells the end of this Eleaf iStick 50W Box Mod review.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this device to heavy sub-Ohmers or advanced vapers…I do consider it to be an excellent, stylish and easy to use device for people breaking into the mod world, who’re looking for a mini mod with a slightly higher wattage and good battery life to really get their vaping journey off to good start and at a truly reasonable price.

The device’s sleek looks and small size make it a go-to option for fashion conscious lady-vapers and new vapers who want a super portable device that still delivers the goods.

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