Coilology MTL Fused Clapton Wire $2.83

If you enjoy mouth to lung vaping, then this is a deal that you'll certainly want to check out. Get a spool of the Coilology MTL Fused Clapton for only $2.83 by logging into your account and using the code "vapingcheap10"! Free worldwide shipping applies to orders over $30.

Coilology's MTL Fused Clapton Wire spools are available in two different options which are Ni80 and SS316L. If you enjoy using temperature control, then we'd definitely recommend grabbing the stainless steel variant.

Either option does come with a total of 10 feet of wire, so it'll last quite a while before needing to repurchase any new wires. These are great option if you enjoy a warmer vape experience as these coils do provide a bit more heat in comparison to traditional round wire.

Coilology mtl

Regardless of which Coilology MTL Fused Clapton you choose, they both feature two 30GA core wires wrapped in 40GA wire of the chosen material. Lastly, the Stainless Steel 316L option does have a slightly lower resistance when comparing it to the Ni80 option.

Fused Claptons are known as some of the best coil for flavor and at this price, it's hard to beat. Like mentioned previously, if you enjoy mouth to lung vaping, then this is a perfect deal for you!

Promo Code: vapingcheap10 (Must log into account for total discount)

Coilology MTL Fused Clapton Features:

  • Two Coil Options Available:
    • Ni80 (3.74 ohm/ft)
    • Stainless Steel 316L (2.31 ohm/ft)
  • 10 Foot Spool
  • Two 30GA Cores Wrapped In 40GA Wire
  • Ideal For Mouth to Lung Vaping

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