The Best Fruity E-Juice on The Market: Top 4 Choices (2018)

Hmmm... delicious dragonfruit, succulent citrus, sexy strawberry, addictive apple... Need I alliterate some more? You know what this is all about, it’s about finding the best fruity e-juice, of course! 

There are a good number of enthusiasts who go bananas for the refreshing and exotic experience of vaping up a lungful of our favorite fruit cocktail, fruit salad or indeed, fruity pebbles concoction! For me, nothing beats the kick I get out of refreshing, vital flavors of the best fruit flavored e-juice. And that’s exactly what I want from my vape, thank you!

The art of flavor profiling and combining e-juice constituents to create a cohesive and palatable whole is a delicate affair. It takes but one drop too much to throw off the balance, not to mention the added nightmare of ensuring cloud production whilst maintaining maximum flavor punch.

I’ve sampled a good range of fruity vape juice from brands I know are dedicated to maximizing both cloud production and flavor. The reason I insist on clouds as well is because for me, that’s half of the joy and an absolute necessity. 

If you continue reading this article, you'll find the absolute best fruity concoctions, including a DIY fruity e-juice Recipe and a best fruity pebbles e-juice. Let’s get this decadent, deliriously-delicious, flavor-packed vaping show on the road, my fruitiliciously scrumptious buddies!


Product Name

Capacity (ml)


Island pineapple

Island Pineapple From Vaporfi


Harvest berry

Harvest Berry From Velvet Cloud

30/60/120 ml

Fruity hoops blue

Fruity Hoops From Mt Baker Vapor

15/30 ml

Guilty pleasure

Guilty Pleasure From High Class Vape Co


Best Fruit E-Juice Reviews

Island Pineapple From Vaporfi

Island pineapple

I’m a big fan of a juice that can put me somewhere I’m not and that was definitely the case here. Pineapple and Pina Colada have always been go-to choices for me and with this flavor, Vaporfi delivers everything I look for in those favorites... a little piece of summer by the sea.

Sweet natural pineapple fragrance and flavor coming through strong and true on both the inhale and exhale with a really deliciously sweet, lingering aftertaste.

This is one of the most true to pineapple flavors on the market and makes for an incredibly refreshing all day vape. I love the fact that you can order extra flavor, which I did and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve finished about 4 bottles of this and haven’t gotten bored. Definitely a winner on my fruity e-juice list.

Harvest Berry From Velvet Cloud Vapor

Harvest berry

One of the most complex, deep and delicious berry flavors out there. Incredibly authentic tasting notes of strawberry and subtle blueberry on the inhale with tart cherry and sweet raspberry balancing out perfectly on the tongue and exhale. I also get a subtle vanilla note in the nose on the exhale.

It’s incredible how natural and clean this offering from velvet cloud is, as well as how perfectly all the berry types blend and balance. Such a refreshing vape that you can enjoy all day. I also find it mixes well with things like menthol or other fruit flavors... when you feel that another juice is just missing a berry note this is a great juice to add to the mix.

Fruit Hoops From Mt Baker Vapor

Fruity hoops blue

Now, as hard as I am to please when it comes to a fruity-pebbles or fruit-hoops flavor (this having been my childhood cereal of choice), I was seriously impressed with this juice. I tried the high VG and was surprised by the great consistency and really intense flavor.

With just the right balance of sweet berry and tart citrus on the inhale and a genuine Fruity Hoops aftertaste on the tongue…this took me straight back to my childhood days and I loved it! If you’re a fan of that good old morning favorite, this is an excellent option for an all day vape.

Guilty Pleasure From High Class Vapes

Guilty pleasure

I don’t eat pears because I find them too sweet, I do like sweetness in a fruit e-juice though. The pear shines through loud and true in this…making me realize how much I actually do love the flavor of pear, even though I don’t eat the fruit.

There’s a complex mix of honeysuckle, possibly vanilla and some other exotic fruits here that balance out all that pear sweetness, applying it in just the right places, like on the tongue on exhale.

I thoroughly enjoyed this offering from High Class Vapes and will definitely be ordering it again.

Bonus Review: Delicious Blackberry Pomegranate Flavor Recipe

Note: All these flavors come from The Flavor Apprentice and 1ml = 20 drops. For 10ml Juice:

  • Add 8.6 ml PG/VG mix
  • Add 0.4 ml TFA Ethyl Maltol Crystals
  • Add 0.4 ml TFA Blackberry Flavor
  • Add 0.6 ml TFA Pomegranate Flavor

The tart Pomegranate and the sweet Blackberry together create the perfect, full mouth fruit blend and a well balanced, refreshing all day vape. This is an easy to make recipe, just blend add and then shake it up. You should let the flavors steep for at least 24 hours, the longer you can steep the deeper and more balanced the flavor result will be.

To learn even more about steeping, check out this video!


Well, that about covers my best fruit e-juice list but of course, there’s no shortage of remarkable flavors on the market so it’s good to always keep trying. While I have a few favorites that I always try to keep in reserve, it’s a lot of fun for me to keep sampling new things, especially when you find a brand who you love.

Most brands tend to stay true with the quality of their extracts and mixes over a broad range of flavors so if you taste an authentic mango from them, more often than not you’ll find an authentic strawberry too.

Established brands tend to have one source for their extracts or flavors, which will have a lot to do with the quality of their juices. That's all from me so happy sampling, remember... don't be afraid to mix it up!

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