Wotofo Recurve Dual Conversion Cap $14.99

The new Wotofo Recurve Dual Conversion Cap is now in stock and on sale for $14.99! There are currently three options available which are Black Frosted, Clear Frosted and Ultem.

This vape accessory is only compatible with the Mike Vape and Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA. Like the original top cap, this one does feature fully adjustable airflow with the same air inlet design.

However, it is paired with a flavor enhancing drip tip. Not to mention, with these materials, whether frosted or Ultem, it is much more heat resistant than the original stainless steel cap.

Recurve Dual Top Cap

At the bottom of the Conversion Cap, you'll see the word "RECURVE" engraved into it alongside on the ring as well. Although the Wotofo Conversion Cap for the Recurve Dual comes with a drip tip, it is 810 compatible, so if you prefer to use other custom drip tips, you definitely can.

If you enjoy customizing your atomizers and mods, or simply enjoy the new Recurve Dual and want a new top cap for it, then this is a perfect deal for you! For the price, you get both the cap and a matching drip tip, so you're getting a ton of value with this cap kit.

Recurve Dual Conversion Cap Features:

  • 24mm Conversion Cap Kit
  • 3 Color Options Available
    • Black Frosted
    • Clear Frosted
    • Ultem
  • Heat Resistant
  • Flavor Enhancing Drip Tip
    • 810 Compatible
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control
    • Same Air Inlet Design
  • "RECURVE" Engraving
  • Compatible with Recurve Dual RDA Only

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