Velvet Cloud Vapor Review: 5 (Natural) Tantalizing Flavors!

Top of the morning to all my awesome vapers and vapettes out there! I’ve been having a rather juicy weekend chilling and vaping up an absolute storm with the range of flavors I scored from popular juice magicians, Velvet Could Vapor.

Now, as you may well know, I’m a bit of a flavor junky and spend almost all of my spare cash on every new flavor or juice brand that I can get my hands on. I’ve got a sensitive constitution and a sensitive palate so I’m usually able to comfortably enjoy only about 20% of my e-liquid purchases.

I know I’m not the only vaper with a sensitivity to PG and I’m always relieved to discover a brand that offers either a high VG juice or a variable ratio. I was more than happy to dive into this Velvet Cloud Vapor Review once I’d done a little research on this San Fransisco based e-juice brand. A lot of you may already be familiar with the flavorsome offerings from these lovely ladies, who pride themselves on including only the most natural, safe ingredients and flavors, with 100% USP, Kosher VG!

This pair of friends started out mixing juices for themselves and when they started selling them, the brands popularity rocketed. Their unique flavor blends utilize hand chosen ingredients, their e-juice equivalent of what you’d find in a San Fransisco Farmers Market. Their vegan products contain no added coloring, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar, no GMO’s and no gluten…plus they’re available in a range of nicotine strengths and delicious flavors that you won’t be able to get enough of!

Velvet Cloud Vapor Ratings

Velvet Cloud Vapor Review

Note: I know from experience that a high VG juice can be a little harder on the coils, although the lack of artificial ingredients and sweeteners in this case really went a long way toward counteracting that. My Eleaf Pico and MELO III combo had no problem soaking up and smoothly atomizing this delicious juice.


Velvet cloud vapor

Range: Available in Granberrie, Pink Square, Mewlew’s Magic, Caramel Swirl, Sour Circles, Frosted Gingerbread, Summer Sweet, Blue Beard, Strawb Gwab, Melonomenon, Night Shift, Vanilla Custard, Nutty Cookie, Burly Beard, White Beard, Peach Tea, Catherine The Grape, Harvest Berry, Shasta Frost, Pandamonium and Unflavored.

Size/Nicotine Options: All flavors are available in 16.5, 30 and 120ml(4x30ml) options and 0, 3, 6 or 12mg nicotine strengths. Prices start at a cool $10, which I’ll gladly pay for the kind of piece of mind I get from their ingredient quality and the delicious flavor journey!

Harmony: Throughout the range of 10 flavors I picked up for this Velvet Cloud Review, I was impressed by their incredible blending skills, old-school, harmonious flavor combos, in just the right ratios to allow every note to shine, I enjoyed experiencing variety in every flavor combo, through fragrance, inhale, exhale and mouthfeel.

Crafting With A Conscience: I’ll often review a juice brand and find myself returning straight back to my old faithfuls as soon as I’m done. During this Velvet Cloud Review I sampled ten of their outstanding blends, in the 6mg nicotine option. I experienced absolutely no irritation and none of my sensitivities flared up, a clear sign of their no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no PG approach…bless them!

Awesome VG Clouds: As you may well know, a high VG content contributes to vapor production and even more so with a really high grade VG such as the one included in these juices. I enjoyed excellent vapor production throughout, as well as remarkable consistency. Although, because of the high VG content here, I strongly recommend steeping before use.

Cute Packaging: I know that the glass medicine droppers can be a little tricky on the fill but I love the fact that I can keep these bottles to mix up my own blends in afterwards. I’m also a fan of the unique watercolor style art on the bottles which really sets them apart as an artisan e-liquid label.


As you can tell from my 5 star rating, none!

My Best Velvet Cloud Flavors

Frosted Gingerbread:

Are you kidding me?! Gingerbread is my fa-fa-favorite treat!!! Stoked to find this flavor amongst their offerings and so pleasantly surprised by the authentic, spicy gingerbread notes on the nose and inhale and the sweet frosting residual on the tongue and mouthfeel. Freakin’ Yum-bo! I’ll keep a bootle of this handy - very comforting.


True, an extremely odd name…but then again, it’s an extremely odd flavor and that’s exactly why I like it! This blend of honeydew, peach and cucumber is subtle but refreshingly so, peach in the mouth and all cucumber on the nose for me, which I found weird in the most tantalizing way. I didn’t like it at first but then it grew on me and grew and grew some more!

Harvest Berry:

I usually don’t have a great deal of luck with berry flavors and often find them a little artificial tasting or one dimensional. I was super impressed by these authentic berry flavors with somehow separate notes of strawberry, cherry and delicious raspberry (which is probably my favorite fruit so I know what it tastes like!).

Night Shift:

Whaaat?! You know the old habit of having to have a coffee with your vape: here you go, only…no need to bring the mug, coffee included! It’s fresh doughnuts, dunked in coffee (with no carbs!) and an incredibly creamy fragrance and overtone. One of their more straight forward flavors but the actual flavor quality and richness is what stood out for me.


I love guavas and the authenticity of this guava-strawberry blend really floated my boat. A refreshing and seriously pleasing all-day juice with some of the most natural tasting fruit flavors I’ve experienced in a long time. I get a good punch of guava on the inhale and strawberry aftertaste with the fragrance being a cool blend of both delicious fruits.

Top Features of Velvet Cloud Vapor

What can I say!? This brand offers you juice crafting with a conscience, none of the additives or PG that can cause irritation, only the highest grade, natural ingredients. This is the perfect brand for any sensitive vaper with a discerning palate.


I was a fan of more than just these five juices, of all ten flavors I sampled during this review, it’s only the White Beard I’ll not buy again and that’s because I personally don’t fancy tobacco notes. Serious Kudos to these lovelies on an outstanding range of artisan juices, you’ve definitely scored a repeat customer in me! Their attention to quality ingredients and harmonious blends, along with the lack of added sugar and sweeteners, makes these flavors ideal for your all-day vaping, especially if you suffer from sensitivities like I do.

Check out this 6 flavor video review for more reasons to support this outstanding brand!

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