Innokin iTaste MVP v2.0 Review: Ratings, Pros and Cons

Innokin itaste mvp v2. 0 starter kit

Today I’ll be showing you what makes the Innokin Itaste MVP V2.0 an excellent and affordable device for anyone who doesn’t need 50+ watts of power to enjoy their favorite e-juice. If you own the MVP V1.0 then you’re going to love the new features they’ve added, such as the internal ohmmeter and the option to use variable wattage.

We’ll take a peek at all the pros and cons, as well as where you can get a complete starter kit for under $40! And if this device doesn’t quite scratch your itch, worry not. I’ll include a few links to similar products that also come highly recommended.

Let’s delve into the Innokin Itaste MVP V2.0 review.

iTaste MVP v2.0 Ratings

iTaste MVP Review

All considered, the MVP2 is an excellent device when you compare it to similar mods. Between its remarkable battery life, the ability to charge other USB compatible devices, and the wealth of new features which we’ll be having a look at soon, it’s got a lot to offer. However, it did leave room for improvement which is why Innokin has released their MVP V3.0 and the MVP V3.0 Pro.


Every device has something that sets it apart from the competition, and for the MVP2, it’s important to consider how far it’s come since the original Innokin Itaste MVP that was previously released. Similar its predecessor, it has an internal 2,600mAH rechargeable battery that can actually power your phone and other USB devices, which eliminates the need carry around extra Li-Ion batteries.

It looks almost identical to the Itaste MVP version 1, but a notable difference is that the top and bottom parts of the device aren’t as shiny as they were before. Instead, they’re made of a smooth anodized alloy that’s not as reflective and won’t scratch as easily. Thankfully, this means you won’t have to worry about it beaming sunlight into your eyes at the most inconvenient times, like when you’re driving.

The dimensions of the Itaste MVP2 are 108 mm tall by 40 mm wide, with a depth of 20 mm. It’s an average-sized device that fits comfortably in the hand, and the 510/ego connector will work with most atomizers and clearomizers. As for color options, you’re looking at blue, silver, and black depending on where you purchase it.

Menu System and Features

Here’s where the Itaste MVP2 shines. The puff counter is a handy feature that keeps track of every drag you take, which is extremely helpful when you’re trying to monitor your usage. It resets to zero whenever you turn off the device, and because it has a triple digit display, it can go all the way up 999. All you have to do is push either the ‘P’ button or the ‘U’ button to view your current puff count and press them both to get an ohm reading and remaining volts on the battery.

If it’s fully charged the remaining battery will read 4.2V, and when it gets down to about 3.5V you’re going to want to charge it. Fortunately, 2,600mAH is plenty of battery power so you won’t need to plug it in that often, but the passthrough technology does allow you to vape even when the USB is connected so you’ll never be without it.

Of course, this Innokin Itaste review wouldn’t be complete it if I didn’t tell you about the variable wattage mode! That’s right. The original only gave you the option of adjusting the voltage from 3.3 to 5.0 in 0.1 increments, but now you can also change the wattage from 6.0 to 11.0 in 0.5 increments. Don’t think that’s enough power to blow epic clouds? Watch the video at the end and you’ll come around.

Standard to most mods are features such as short-circuit protection and over-discharge protection, both of which the MVP2 has. It also has a built-in 10-second cutoff that helps prevent your coils from burning. However, 10 seconds is more than enough time to fill your lungs with vapor. I’ve found that 4 to 6 seconds is long enough to give me a full and flavorful hit.


The reason why versatility is a notable remark in this Innokin Itaste MVP review is simple. For one, it easily fits in a pocket, purse, or backpack, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You may recall that it has an internal 2,600mAH battery. To give you an idea of how substantial that is, the Galaxy S3 has a 2,100Mah cell, and the iPhone 5 has a 1,440mAH cell. This means you could use your MVP2 to fully charge your phone and still have energy to spare.

The 510/ego connector gives users the flexibility of using a 510 threaded RDA or ego-style clearomizer, and no matter how long you’ve been vaping, it’s always nice to have options. The starter kit I recommend includes an iClear30 tank with a 2.1 ohm coil already installed, so all you’ll need is e-juice and you’ll be ready to embark on your own flavor-fueled adventure.

The metal alloy that it’s made of is durable, which is also desirable in a mod you’ll be using on the go. While your atomizer may not be okay if you accidentally knock it off the table, the device itself will likely be fine. And you don’t have worry about bringing extra batteries or a charger; just bring a USB cable and you’re set!


Large Battery Capacity

One of the best things about this mod is its large battery and the fact that it can be used as a charger for other devices. It’s great for when you’re on the go and don’t know when you’ll get another chance to charge it, plus you don’t have to bother remembering to bring extra batteries.

Internal Ohmmeter

Having an ohmmeter on deck means you’ll always be able to test your atomizers. It comes in handy when you need to determine whether your atomizer is bad or needs to be replaced. Now you can leave your old school ohmmeter at home.

Sleek and Durable

Not only does it look great, but it’s fairly inconspicuous and can take a beating. A lot of the other products on the market are made of plastic and sometimes glass, but this bad boy has a full metal jacket. If you happen to drop it it’s still going to work, and more often than not it’s actually the RDA that ends up breaking when people drop their devices.


Stiff Firing Button

Not everyone will have an issue with this but you’ve really got to push the firing button in order to activate it. It’s not the most difficult thing to do, but personally, I like my buttons to be a little easier to use. It’s really not that big of a deal, but it’s worth mentioning

Wobbles When Placed Upright

Again, for many people, this will hardly be a reason to complain, but when you set the device upright it tends to rock a little bit. This is because of there’s a switch on the bottom of the device that controls the Output Mode. Not to be confused with voltage and wattage mode, as the only thing this switch does is allow you to charge other devices.

Clunky Menu System

This is the only real downside to the device. There’s one button to adjust the wattage of the device, and a separate button that allows you to adjust the voltage. The buttons only increase the output, so If you want to decrease the wattage, you have to press the appropriate button until it cycles back to its lowest setting. The same is true for the variable voltage. Innokin could have made it a little more user-friendly.


The Itaste MVP V2.0 hasn’t changed much in terms of appearance, but as with many things in life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s loaded with tons of new features that any casual or experienced vaper will appreciate, and the fact that it has nearly double the battery capacity as the iPhone 5 is impressive to say the least, especially when you consider how affordable it is. Head to Mt. Baker Vapor to get your starter kit!

You can also get a closer look at the MVP2 by checking out the following video review that GrimmGreen made.

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