G Pen Elite Review: Find Out Why We Love It!

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There’s no doubt at all that there are plenty of really good vaporizers such as the iTaste VV and eGo T Pen to choose from. The vaping industry has grown and matured quite a lot over the years, and this growth has allowed for some really fantastic vapes to be created.

However, while there are tons of really, really good vaporizers to choose from, finding a unit that seems to check off every box is a bit more difficult. Most vapes excel at a lot of things, but have couple main pain points that make them unusable for some people.

There might not be any such thing as the truly perfect vaporizer, but after working on this Elite G Pen review, this is about as close as we’re going to get to the ‘perfect’ vaporizer. The G Pen Elite offers a stupendous design, excellent build quality, lots of controls, a clean and simple UI, and so much more.

There’s a whole lot to love with this particular vape, so without any further ado, here’s my full and in-depth G Pen Elite vaporizer review.

G Pen Elite Ratings

G Pen Elite Review

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Trying to summarize everything there is to love about the G Pen Elite is incredibly hard to do in one single paragraph, but here goes nothing.

If you’re in the market for a vaporizer that looks sleek and sexy, feels as if it was built to be a tank without being overly bulky, provides for lots of intuitive user controls to get the best vaping experience, and creates for vapor that’s both flavorful and powerful, this is the vape for you. Period.


Truly Excellent Design

I’ve handled and reviewed plenty of well-design vaporizers in my day, and while there have been tons of great ones, few are as refined and well-built as what was achieved here with the G Pen Elite. The Elite’s design is rounded and is quite unique when compared to the cylindrical vapes that seem to be crowding the market at the moment. It might be a tad bit bulkier than traditional cylinders, but that’s a small price to pay for such a futuristic and sleek look.

Along with being an eye-catcher, the GPen Elite just feels great in the hand. This is a vape that was built and designed with a lot of attention to detail. It feels dense and sturdy without being too heavy, and the ergonomics that are present throughout the entire product make it one of the most comfortable vapes that I’ve used in recent memory. The feel in the hand is so incredibly natural, and it makes using the GPen Elite that much more enjoyable versus its many competitors.

Very Easy To Use And Operate

Another big win for the G Pen Elite has to do with the ease of use that it’s bringing to the table. Upon first getting your Elite, G Pen recommends that you register the device on their official website and charge it up for around three hours or so before your first use with it.

When it comes time to use the GPen Elite, all you need to do is remove the mouthpiece with your fingers, lift it up so that it exposes the deep ceramic chamber that’s tucked underneath it, and fill the chamber with the dry herb of your choice. G Pen also has a model of the Elite that you can use with concentrate, but in this particular case we’re focusing on the G Pen Elite dry herb review.

Once your herb or concentrate has been loaded, just pop the mouthpiece back onto the vaporizer, press the power button five individual times, get your temperature settings to your desired area, and then start inhaling once the chamber has been heated up to the temperature of your liking.

Great Tasting Vapor

Along with featuring an excellent design and being incredibly easy to use, the G Pen Elite is also capable of producing excellent vapor quality. This is something that I noticed the most while working on my review, as it really is one of the biggest strong suites for the gadget.

Vapor that’s created by the Elite strikes a really nice balance between being both smooth and flavorful, and the overall experience is simply fantastic.

And, as a nice little bonus, I never found the Elite to be hot to the touch at any point while using it. This is something that many other vapes struggle with, so I pleased to see that this wasn’t an issue at all here.


Chamber Placement

If I was to come up with one con for the G Pen Elite, it would have to do with the placement of the chamber. G Pen decided to place the Elite’s chamber directly under the mouth piece, and this is a move that usually creates for vapor that’s not as cool as I like.

This really isn’t an issue for the GPen Elite as it does an excellent job at keeping vapor warm without being too hot, but placing it further away from the mouth piece would help to ensure that vapor is always as comfortable as possible.

Top Features of G Pen Elite

LCD Display For Adjusting Settings

One of the most striking aspects with the Grenco G Pen Elite has to do with the LCD display that’s present on the side of the device. The display is used to adjust and view all of the settings that you’ve made for the vape, and it looks absolutely fantastic in real world use. This certainly isn’t the first display we’ve ever seen on a vaporizer, but it’s one of the better looking ones that I’ve used.


To summarize my G Pen Elite review, this is easily one of the best vaporizers that money can buy if your’e in the market for an extremely well-built vape with great vapor production and more that’s very well-suited for travel. The compact size of the Grenco G Pen Elite makes it a go-to choice for vaping while on the go, and the price tag is also very reasonable considering everything you’re getting here. I had a great time using the Elite while reviewing it, and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

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