Some Facts You Need to Know When Dating Someone Who Vapes

Too many people have maligned vaping ever since it became the new thing. They don’t like the fact that
vapers derive enjoyment from vaping, so they say it’s worse than smoking (it’s not). The truth is that
vapers understand their gear, enjoy the variety of flavors, and tend to be more conscientious individuals
overall. Here are some facts you should learn about vapers before talking negatively about them.

Vapers are considerate

The first thing that you need to learn about vapers is that they are far more considerate than people
give them credit for being. When you smoke a cigarette close to someone, they’re going to smell like
tobacco and sit in a cloud of grossness. On the other hand, the worst thing you’ll smell being near
someone with a vape is Fruit Loops. Also, vapes are capable of making huge clouds of vapor, but most
people don’t do that unless they’re with friends or messing around. The majority of people will take
short puffs and blow them away. Compared to smokers, vapers are downright considerate!

Vapers are open to trying new things

Vapers are adventurous people, and that is reflected in the fact that they are not afraid to try new
flavors and mixes. While there have been some unfortunate bans, vapers are still trying to find new
ways to mix their nic to get the best results. Also, vaping is somewhat like a hobby, too, and it’s
attracted both men, women, and others. Girls can also be vapers. Girls who vape are far more attractive
than girls who smoke. You meet them on dating sites or social platforms. So, you can search for lesbian
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and check if there any spark of attraction to vaping girls. Also, the vape can bring new
experiences—from devices to new love.

Vapers have a better financial condition

Let’s be realistic about vaping for a second—it has a bit of an upfront cost to get your rig set up. From
then on, though, you can get vape juice for very little money. Vaping is so much cheaper than it is to
. As a result of not spending $10 a day to smoke, you’ll have the opportunity to put your money
toward other ventures in life. Thus, it’s easy to say that vapers tend to be more financially conscious and
wise than their smoking counterparts. That is not meant to denigrate smokers; it’s just a fact.

LGBT-vapers and more creative people

LGBT people also tend to be more likely to smoke than to vape since they tend to have a worldview that
looks at inequality from power structures like the smoking industry. At the same time, they desire to get
the nicotine fix like other people trying to stay as focused and stress-free as possible. Vaping is also very
popular with people that are creative in general. After all, you can get a vape that is very customizable
for your needs. You can fine-tune your vape rig and juices to an extent. Those facets of vaping make it
perfect for creative people that want to put their personal touch on everything in their life.

Vapers tend to get a bad rap because of the media hype that was present when vaping became a part of
the mainstream culture. Now, people see it for what it is: a better alternative to smoking that allows
people to be creative with their choices. These are just some of the basic facts about vapers that help
you get to know more about them than what the naysayers tell you.

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