Guide to Common Troubleshooting – No Vapor Comes from the Vape Pen?

With vaping now replacing smoking with many millions of people it is welcome to see developments and improvements in the technology involved. There’s no doubt that the vape pen is the device of choice for anyone looking for a convenient method of vaping, whether cannabis, CBD or other substances, and in general these are simple to use devices that are cheap and easy to maintain.

As with all technology, things do go wrong, and one of the most frequently reported problems with vape pens is a lack of vapor – and without vapor, there’s no point! The vape pen consists of just a few components, so it is usually one of a set number of causes that need to be attended to. Below we will look at the most common causes, as well as those that can occur uniquely when vaping dry herbs and wax, so let’s not delay!

Possible Causes of No Vapour

Fortunately the usual reasons that cause a vape pen to malfunction are easy to fix. Let’s start with the problems that occur generally.

General Problems with Vape Pens

Flat Battery – the reusable vape pen will come with a tiny battery that needs recharging every now and then and will plug into a USB port for the purpose. The most common reason for vape pens failing to produce vapor is a flat battery, or one that is too low to produce heat. There will be lights on the pen that tell you the state of the battery so refer to the manufacturer instructions for these, and try charging your battery in the first instance. Usually a red light indicates power is low.

If recharging does not solve the problem, then we recommend changing the battery. The battery can be removed in some models but not in others. Where it cannot be used it may be either the attachment or the battery that is at fault, so try a separate attachment to troubleshoot where the problem lies.

Loose Connections – vape pens have parts that sometimes need putting together in a particular way, and it is not unusual for connections to be loose, be dirty or simply faulty. Check that the cartridge and mouthpiece are connected and tightened as per the manufacturer instruction as this is necessary to complete the electrical circuit and ensure that the battery is connecting with its required terminals.

Faulty Heating Element – if the vape pen powers up and does all it is meant to, with the right light indicators showing, but the element does not heat up the chances are it is the problem. To be frank, at this point it is perhaps best to buy a new vape pen as it is unusual for the heating element to be replaceable in a standard vape pen.

Dry herb vaxporizers

Problems with Dry Herb Vaporizer

The dry herb vaporizer can present all the above problems plus those that follow:

Debris in the Vapor Path -  a problem with this sort of vape device is that as you’re using dry herbs, some can get stuck and affect the vapor path. A blockage of this kind is far from unusual and easy to fix. A pipe cleaner should do the trick.

Mesh Filter Clogged – if the vapor path is clear there is a possibility the mesh filter is clogged. This should be easy to spot, and a small wire brush will get rid of any obstructions. It’s worth cleaning the mesh filter every now and then to prevent this problem.

Too Much Herb – don’t pack the heating chamber too heavily or air will not be able to circulate, and while the pen appears to be working it will produce no vapor. Always pack with a little space to spare. 

Heating Coil Failure – eventually the heating coil will give up, and this is particularly a problem with dry herbs in those that produce actual smoke, so be prepared to replace once in a while.

The above problems are not uncommon and occur as part of the natural daily use of the product, and there are also specific problems to wax pens.

Wax vape pen

Problems with Wax Vape Pen

The main additional problems with wax vape pen are very similar to those that come with the dry herb vaporizer.

The first is that the vapor path get clogged with wax. The wax is a liquid when heated but solidifies to a point when cooled. If you place the device on its side, or put too much wax in, the residue may cause blockage which prevents the vapor from being produced. The answer is to let the pen heat up without adding any more wax to dislodge the residue.

The other problem is that of heating coil failure, which is commonplace in wax vape pens thanks to them being n direct contact with the wax and them collecting residue. This is why wax vape pens are designed with replaceable heating coils, and there should be instructions with your pen on changing the coil.

If you have checked all of the above and none solve the problem, it could be that your vape pen is simply broken or faulty. You will find that some pens – usually those from reputable retailers – are sold with quite lengthy warranties so you should be able to get a replacement with some. If not, the vape pen is still an affordable device, and prices will reduce as the market expands. 


Put simply, vape pens are just like any other device that requires a number of components to work together in that faults can and will occur. Fortunately, most problems are from over-filling or other simple to rectify problems, and as the vaping market in the USA continues so the technology will improve. Take care to keep your vape pen clean, don’t over-fill it and use it as the manufacturer instructs and you should get a long life out of it. Meanwhile, enjoy your vaping, and we hope this brief troubleshooting article has been of help to you.

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