Ambition Mods Luxem Mod $39.99

The Ambition Mods Luxem Mod is now in stock and on sale. Get one of these mods for only $39.99. No code is required for this discount. You can pick from two different color options which are Silver and Black.


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The Luxem Tube Mod is quite unique, and different than others. By just looking at it, you may think this is a luxury vape mod due its overall design, but it's not priced nearly as high. Its powered by a proprietary chipset (mosfet), which does offer the user a bunch of different safety features. Some of them include 12 second timeout, short circuit protection, and polarity protection. Although there's multiple safety features built in, we still do recommend understanding ohms law and battery safety. Now what's even cooler is that it can take two different battery sizes, both 18650 and 18350. Regardless of which mode it's in, the Luxem is quite small, but in 18350 mode it's super stealthy, and makes for a perfect stealth vape.

Ambition mods luxem tube mosfet mod ambition mods luxem mod $39. 99

There's a small firing button located on the side, so it is a side fire tube mod. You can turn it on or off with a simple 3 clicks of that button. Now, with this mosfet, the Luxem protected tube mod does have a minimum firing resistance of 0.25 ohm, but offers a constant voltage output of 3.5v. With its overall form factor, it does support atomizers up to 23mm in diameter. 

If you're a fan of tube mods, but looking for one that not only offers multiple safety features, but can house the smaller 18350 and 18650 battery sizes, then definitely check out the Ambition Mods Luxem Mod. For the price, you're getting a premium design, and a whole lot of versatility.

Ambition Mods Luxem Tube Mod Features:

  • Proprietary Chipset (Mosfet)
  • Powered by Single High Drain 18650 or 18350 Battery (Not Included)
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.25 ohm
  • 3.5v Constant Output
  • Power Output Based On Battery State
  • Can Fit Atomizers up to 23mm in Diameter
  • Gold Plated Contact
  • Side Firing Button (3 Clicks On/Off)
  • Multiple Safety Features Built In
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction

What's Included

  • Luxem Tube Mod by Ambition Mods
  • Pack of Spares (O-Rings & Adapters)
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Check Out This Luxem Mod Review Video

Ambition mods luxem tube mod ambition mods luxem mod $39. 99

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