Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises Review

Kennedy 24 rda review

Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises Review

The Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises is one of the most popular RDAs on the market today, and there are tons of reasons as to why. This RDA has certainly become a favorite for many vapers, especially for those who love bottom airflow!

The original Kennedy Competition RDA and Kennedy 22 RDA were extremely popular, and Kennedy Enterprises have finally released larger diameter versions! People are more and more interested in larger diameter atomizers due to the larger build deck, bigger devices and due to the sheer popularity.

There are tons of different RDAs in the market, so there is certainly tons of competition for this atomizer!

In this review, I will go over what I like and do not like about the Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises, and tell you whether or not I recommend this atomizer!

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Out of the Box

The Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises did not come in any packaging really, just a small plastic bag. This was definitely a con as you would expect some type of packaging for this atomizer, especially when you consider its price.

I know many people will find this as a con as I did, but it did not bother me too much since this is a well-built RDA.

Kennedy Enterprises is known for high quality products, and the Kennedy 24 definitely did not disappoint! Upon first receiving this RDA, I could easily see the quality of it.

The machining of the Kennedy 24 was immaculate. From the posts themselves, to the airflow cut outs and threading of the 510 connection, it was absolutely flawless. You can certainly tell that this product was made in America.

For me, this was a huge pro, as great quality products are always a good thing!

Before getting any further though, I do want to mention that this is the 3 post version of the Kennedy 24 RDA, and there is a 2 post version currently available.

Secondly, the next thing I noticed was the protruding 510 pin. You can safely use this atomizer on a hybrid device with no issues at all. The 510 pin is copper, so you are sure to get excellent conductivity.

The Kennedy 24 features bottom airflow, which is what these RDAs are known for and for me, it was a huge pro as I am a big fan of bottom airflow atomizers.

This RDA does not have adjustable airflow, which I know can be a con for many vapers. However, I will get more into this later on in this article.

The stainless steel wide bore drip tip is removable, and you can use custom drip tips if you would like. I am pretty sure that Goon and Griffin custom drip tips will fit the top cap of this atomizer.

The wide bore drip tip is quite wide, but not overly wide. For me, it was the perfect sized bore. Of course, this is subjective and some people may prefer 510 drip tips or wider bore drip tips.

Upon taking off the top cap, the first thing I noticed was that the post holes were not that large. The center positive post is copper, which I know this is something some vapers may not like once again. I personally did not mind this, but it is worth mentioning.

Also, some people may not like the traditional 3 post deck design, especially since there are tons of atomizers with velocity styled build decks. Like said before, there is a 2 post version of this RDA available.

Kennedy 24 rda review

The machining of the airflow tubes were excellent as well. Honestly, like said before, the quality of this RDA is just impressive.

In addition, what I noticed when taking off the top cap was how much bigger the deck section was in comparison to the Kennedy 22 RDA. It is quite bigger, and gives you more room for cotton, and coils. This was definitely a huge pro for me.

Lastly, there was a slight scent of machine oil when I first received this RDA. One wash with water and soap, and it was good to go. This is certainly a con though, as I really dislike any type of machine oil residue on my atomizers.

All in all, my first impressions of the Kennedy 24 RDA were mostly great. There were a few slight cons, but it really does not take anything away from this RDA, which we will get into later!


Building on the Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises

Building on this RDA is relatively easy for me. I have been building coils for quite some time now, and I have experience with tons of 3 post atomizers. However, for people who do not have experience with these style of build decks or are new to building, they might run into trouble.

Of course, it is much easier to build on an atomizer with a 2 post build deck, but it is not overly difficult with this build deck.

Like said previously, the post holes are not large, so fitting larger builds was a bit more time consuming than the usual. You can fit a Fused Clapton in this RDA, but not larger builds like a Staple Staggered Fused Clapton.

This might be a con for some people who prefer these exotic builds, but I typically use normal Claptons or Fused Claptons in my atomizers, so it was not a huge con for me.

It is important to note that since this atomizer is 24mm in diameter, it is relatively easy to fit them inside in comparison to the Kennedy 22 RDA.

Building on the Kennedy 24 RDA is certainly easy if you are experienced with building, but if you are relatively new and do not have tons of experience with building, then it might be a bit more challenging.

There is a ton of room for cotton though, which is a huge pro as the original Kennedy and Kennedy 22 atomizers have minimal room in comparison.

Overall, building on the Kennedy 24 RDA is relatively easy, but like said before, it can be a bit more time consuming and challenging for those not experienced with building.



Onto the performance of the Kennedy 24 RDA! This atomizer is definitely an exceptional performer, and is where this RDA truly shines!

My preferred build for this RDA was a simple 22GA round wire build, which had a resistance of 0.16 ohm. I typically used this atomizer on a mechanical device, but when I would use this RDA on a regulated device with this specific build, I would usually vape this RDA between 70w to 80w.

If you are using these types of builds, it is extremely important to understand battery safety. I recently published an article that goes over battery safety and the overall importance of it right here! Feel free to check out the All About Battery Safety Article in the link found below!

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What I noticed first about this RDA when vaping it was the amazing flavor! This RDA has excellent flavor, and is probably some of the best I have ever had in any RDA.

Typically, bottom airflow RDAs give excellent flavor, but for some reason the flavor on the Kennedy 24 RDA is just outstanding. I am not sure what it is exactly, but I am pretty sure it has something to do with the airflow design, and the top cap design.

Kennedy 24 rda review

Even though the flavor was excellent, it certainly did not take anything away from the vapor production I was getting with the Kennedy 24 RDA! The vapor production is top notch, and is certainly “competition” worthy.

The performance of this RDA is truly incredible, and shows why so many people love this atomizer including myself!

I have never experienced any type of leaking with the Kennedy 24 RDA either. I could easily drip e-liquid through the drip tip, and never had to worry about leaking. There would be only a small residue of e-liquid within the airflow, but never any e-liquid pouring out of the airflow holes.

However, if you are a constant over dripper, then you might run into some leaking issues. Like I said, I never experienced any type of leaking or any e-liquid pouring out of the airflow and I would typically drip right through the drip tip.

It is important to note that I am not a constant over dripper, hence is probably why I did not experience any type of leaking issues that some may experience.

You can also take off the top cap and “paint” your e-liquid onto your coils on cotton to completely avoid any type of leaking issues if you are worried. I would do this time to time, as I am used to this, but some may find this annoying.

Even if I was forced to “paint” my coils with e-liquid, it would be worth it, because of how great this atomizer performs.

Speaking about airflow, even though it is not adjustable, it was the perfect restriction for me. It is on the airy side, but for the type of builds you would probably put in this RDA, it is amazing.

The airflow is nice and airy, but it is not turbulent by any means which is a huge pro!

Even if this RDA had adjustable airflow, I would not adjust it due how great it vapes as is! Even though, for me it is nearly perfect, for others it may not be.

In addition, some people just like to adjust their airflow to fine tune how exactly they want to vape with different wattages, different builds, and different flavors.

Overall, the performance of the Kennedy 24 RDA is exceptional! I was extremely satisfied with the flavor and vapor production I was getting. However, even though this RDA has some of the best performance I have ever had in an RDA, there are still some cons to be mentioned!

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The first con for this atomizer will definitely have to be the 3 post build deck. Like said previously though, there is a newer 2 post version available. However, with this specific RDA I am reviewing, it is a 3 post deck design and has to be mentioned as a con.

In addition, another con is the size of the post holes. Even though I preferred simple round wire builds in this atomizer, some people want to install exotic coils in their atomizers.

With this 3 post deck, it will surely be time consuming and a bit more challenging. Also, some extremely large builds will probably not fit in this RDA.

Another con will have to be the non-adjustable airflow. Like said before, many people like adjusting their airflow for different reasons. This specific RDA does not have adjustable airflow, and is something definitely worth mentioning.

Also, some may find that the potential leaking issue may be a con. Like I said before in the article, I have never experienced any type of leaking whatsoever, but that may vary from person to person; hence is why this is listed here.

This RDA does not fit any standard 510 drip tips. I know this may be a huge con for some vapers, since many people do enjoy and prefer 510 drip tips. However, I am sure there are tons of custom drip tips available from multiple vendors for this top cap.

In addition, another con is that this RDA did have a minor scent of machine oil when first receiving it. It is not a huge con, but it still has to be mentioned.

Also, another con is the fact that the Kennedy 24 RDA does not come in any sort of packaging. Honestly, for the price point I would expect some type of packaging rather than a plastic bag.

This leads me into the last and final con which is the price point. This is definitely an expensive atomizer, but you do have to keep in mind that this RDA is machined in America.

Even though there are a few cons listed here, the Kennedy 24 RDA is still one of the best performing RDAs I have ever come across, which leads me into the next section, my conclusion!



In conclusion, the Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises is a well machined, and exceptional performing RDA. This is probably my favorite RDA due to the quality, flavor, and vapor production.

Most of the cons mentioned were subjective, and they were certainly not deal breakers to me by any means.

The overall performance of this RDA is simply amazing, and provides me with some of the best flavor I have ever had in any RDA. Not to mention, the vapor production is also top notch, which is again another huge pro.

Kennedy 24 rda review

Also, the fact that this RDA has a protruding 510 pin is another huge pro! You will have no worries using this atomizer on a hybrid device. In addition, this RDA features bottom airflow that does not leak with hybrids, which is again, another pro!

The machining of this atomizer is flawless, and just screams quality. I know that this RDA is definitely on the pricier side, but honestly it is well worth the money. I would easily spend the money to purchase this RDA again!

All in all, I am extremely impressed with the Kennedy 24 RDA By Kennedy Enterprises. I can honestly see why so many people love this RDA!

If you have been on the fence about the Kennedy 24 RDA, I highly suggest you picking this one up! I am sure you won’t be disappointed at all with this purchase!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading!

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Product Features:

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Closed Deck
  • Three Post Deck Design
    • Lead Free Copper Center Post
  • Non-Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • Quad Direct Bottom Airholes
    • 4 x 3.5mm Air Tubes
  • Large Juice Well
  • 20GA Kanthal Support
  • No Leak Design
  • Copper 510 Contact
  • No Leaking In Hybrids
  • Phillip Head Screws
  • Made in the USA

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