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Nearly every vaper out here knows about the G Pen for various reasons. Ever heard of Grenco? A brand taking the lead in putting out user-friendly cutting edge portable vaporizers and Vape pens?

The G Pen was made by the folks at this company.

Of the many vaporizer pens available out here, the G Pen is currently one of the cheapest you will ever come across at just under $100. At this price, you get a vaporizer that can vaporize your essential oils as well as concentrated wax.

And if you wish to vaporize your dry herb, they also have a version for that, popularly known as the Snoop Dog G Pen.

Using this vape is pretty straight forward and if you it, shipping is absolutely free. What’s more, you get a one year warranty and if you wish to extend it, you only have to pay a few more dollars.

G Pen Review

Having been around for quite some time, one might be tempted to think that the G Pen is outdated but more interesting to note is that it has gone through a number of changes giving it the muscle to face off with the best vaporizers in the market today.

So in our G pen vaporizer review, we’ll take a look at its key features to see what one should expect from the unit.

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Design & Appearance

G pen

Not only does it have sleek feel to it but having made out of stainless steel components, it looks effortlessly classy. Its structure comprises a threaded oil tank, a tank cover embedded with a mouthpiece, and a one button battery.

Initially, the unit featured a tank that made use of a tiny piece of cotton in wicking the oil straight up to the source of heat but this has since been redesigned to enhance its performance. It also packs two oil containers that are small enough to walk around with yet still carry a reasonable amount of oil/concentrate.

Vapor Quality

Thanks to its quality ceramic chamber and wick made out of stainless steel, the unit lets you enjoy huge clouds of vapor and all through the vaping session, you are set to get not only good flavor but also a nice and smooth vaping experience. But since the unit is quite small and also thin, the quality of vapor delivered is just a little over average which is pretty much the case with every other vaporizer.

Ease of Use

Many vapers find it challenging filling a vaporizer unit with oil often but the good thing about this unit is that you can fill it with plenty of oil and that will help you to tone down that frequency.

If you're an average vaper, a full tank can last you up to a week. On top of that, it is operated by a single button and so it fits both a pro vaper as well as a novice.


The G Pen is no less or bigger than a sharpie marker. You can keep it in your pocket, purse or briefcase, take it anywhere with you and use it on the go if you wish. But care should be taken not to carry it upside down for long especially if the oil contained inside is extremely vicious.


You can use this unit with both thin and thick oils/waxes or anything in between. When it comes to the heating, it heats up really quickly delivering a huge amount of vapor and to enhance this performance further, it packs some safety measures that ensure the tank doesn’t overheat or burn out fast.

When the battery is fully charged, you can get up to 400 puffs. Only downside is that it comes with a single heat setting.

You can watch this video to learn more about this unit.


The G Pen Affordable

If you are really wondering just how much is a g pen, well, some dealers actually sell it for as low as $39 while others $80 so it pretty much depends on which dealer you go for but bottom line is its inexpensive. Great balance has been achieved between its price and quality and so if you’ve just started vaping or you are a pro vaper looking for a decent vape for occasional use, this is a perfect choice for its price.

It's Easy to Use

With only button that you push five times to lock the unit or the same number of times to activate, and no resistance, anyone can easily operate this unit.

It's Compact and Lightweight

One great thing about stainless steel is that in addition to making this vaporizer look stylish and classic, it also keeps it lightweight. If you’ve actually seen or used an e-cigarrete before, then there’s isn’t much of a difference between the two when it comes to compactness and weight.

The G Pen is Easy to Load

Loading your oil into this unit should be the least of your worries because its two huge essential oil tanks have you covered. Filling them up is easy and on top of that, they are going to last you longer.


Short Warranty

Earlier on in our g pen review we saw that Grenco only offers a 1-year warranty for this vape but putting into consideration the fact that some manufacturers offer up to a 10-year warranty, this sounds a little bit mean and other than that, it suggests it might not be of the best quality.

Vape Maintenance Issues

Since the G Pen is designed for use with oil, you need to look after it so often. And after using it for a few sessions, it’s definitely going to clog up and you will need to clean it up. Well, this is not difficult but the point is, you might definitely clean it more than you use it.

The G Pen Doesn’t Support Dry Herbs

Much as most of us relish oils and waxes, sometimes you will want to try out different products and just as we’ve seen in our grenco g pen review, this unit doesn’t take in dry herbs.

If you prefer vaping dry herbs over juices and oils, you likely find this a fatal flaw. But if you want a close option, there’s a link to the g pen Snoop Dogg herbal vaporizer review included at the bottom of our review.

Overview of the G Pen's Performance

Just like every other vaporizer, the unit comprises of three parts: the coil (atomizer), the battery, and the mouthpiece.

When you press down the button on the battery, you will notice a dim blue light illuminating behind the buttons as well as at the battery’s tip. It’s powerful and can keep that charge for quite some time to let you enjoy a consistent and smooth vaping experience.

Its coil is quite deep and it’s ceramic at its bottom where the wick is but the rest of the surface towards the top is stainless steel. In its package, they have included a tool that will assist you load the wax/concentrate into the chamber. After some time, the coil is certainly going to burn out and cease heating up but that’s normal of every other vaporizer with an atomizer.

G pen box

To use it, take off the mouthpiece and you’ll see a small hole that glows red when you press down the button. Take your wax and place it in there and thereafter, replace the mouthpiece. Press down the button for about 3-4 seconds and start making your draws. You are guaranteed a dense vapor but that will only last roughly 4-5 draws due to the size of the unit.

Keep in mind that pressing the button 5 times locks it and you can also repeat the same process to unlock it. The G-pen has been set to keep the temperature slightly under 400F.


To sum up our G Pen review, it’s pretty clear that the G Pen is simply an affordable, solid, and reliable vaporizer perfect for those looking to vaporize some concentrated wax or essential oils. It’s also a great option if you relish those large hits of vapor especially when you use essential oils. At the same time, it’s not an ideal option for out to experience a variety of products including dry herbs.

But the good thing is that they have an option for that. You can check out the Snoop Dogg herbal g pen on their site. But for its price and quality, the G Pen vaporizer is definitely a solid buy both for experienced vapers and beginners.

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