BP Mods AMPBB Boro Mod $47.99

Here’s where you’ll find the best deals and discounts for the BP Mods AMPBB Boro Mod. Buy one of these devices for just $47.99 after using the code “AMPBB”. Choose from two different color options, which are stainless steel and gunmetal.


Price Discount Code Notes Purchase
$47.99 AMPBB In Stock Get Deal! (China)
$55.99 AMPBB Pre-Order Get Deal! (China)


BP Mods AMPBB Boro Mod has an internal, 2000mAh battery which can be charged using a USB Type-C cable. Additionally, it’s made from aluminum alloy material, so it is both lightweight and durable. It has an independent boost chip built-in that gives it a maximum wattage output of 60w.

Bp mods ampbb boro device bp mods ampbb boro mod $47. 99

The BP Mods AMPBB Boro Vape Mod has three different user modes. Those are power, voltage, and bypass. You can easily check the battery life and wattage with the large display screen. Lastly, this device is compatible with boro tanks like the BP Mods TMD Boro Tank.

Vapers who are into boro mods and tanks will want to check out the BP Mods AMPBB. Not nearly as expensive as some other similar devices, and is a great for choice for those looking to get into these style of mods.

BP Mods AMPBB Boro Device Features:

  • Internal 2000mAh battery
  • Charge using a USB Type-C cable
  • Maximum wattage output: 60w
  • Multiple user modes: Power, voltage, and bypass
  • Independent boost chipset
  • Large display screen
  • Aluminum alloy construction

What’s Included:

  • BP Mods AMPBB Boro Mod
  • User Manual
  • Accessory Bag
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Fast Flush Tip Kit
  • Spare Light Tubes

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