Ukeri Magik Pod System Kit $18.95 (USA)

Here's a discount and cheap deal on the Ukeri Magik Pod System Kit. Grab yours from a USA based store for only $18.95 plus free shipping over $50. There are three color options, but only one currently in stock!

The Ukeri Magik Pod System looks fairly similar to many of the pod vapes or AIO kits we've seen released in the past few months. However, there's one major difference with this one, which makes it incredibly versatile. What's great about this device is that it's not only compatible with its own cartridge, and coils, but with the Smok RPM40, and the Voopoo Vinci cartridges.

With that being said, there's a ton of different coil options available when you include all three that it's compatible with.

Ukeri magik 50w pod mod kit scaled ukeri magik pod system kit $18. 95 (usa)

Included in the packaging, you'll get a Ukeri Magik pod cartridge, which does hold a whopping 5.5ml of e-juice. Additionally, there's two different mesh coils that's available. This includes the V1 0.3 ohm mesh which is best vaped between 40w and 50w, and the S1 mesh coil rated between 30w to 40w. Both of these are catered to direct lung vaping, but as mentioned previously, with its compatibility with other coils and cartridges, you can get a MTL vape if desired.

Also, the Ukeri Magik 50w Pod System is powered by an internal 1,500mAh battery. It can deliver anywhere between 8w and 50w, and can be fully adjusted. On the front of the pod mod is where the large display screen is located. Lastly, it supports charging speeds up to 1A, and can fire down to 0.1 ohm resistance.

If you're looking for a new pod kit that's compatible with a wide range of coils, and cartridges, then you'll want to check out the Ukeri Magik Pod System Kit. It's definitely one of a kind due to this fact. It's great to see a new pod device that's actually compatible with different coils, and pods from other brands.

Ukeri Magik 50w Pod Mod Kit Features:

  • Internal 1,500mAh Battery
  • Supports 1A Charging Speeds
  • Wattage Output Range: 8w - 50w
  • Large Display Screen
  • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.1 ohm
  • Ukeri Magik Pod Cartridge
    • 5.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Compatible with Smok RPM40 & Voopoo Vinci Cartridges
  • Ukeri Magik Coils
    • V1 Mesh Coil 0.3 ohm (40w - 50w)
    • S1 Mesh Coil 0.3 ohm (30w - 40w)
  • Compatible With Other Coils Based On Installed Cartridge
  • Ergonomic Design

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