OBS Alter Pod Kit $10.75 (USA)

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The OBS Alter Kit is powered by an internal 2,500mAh batter, so you'll be able to get through most, if not all of the day on a single battery charge. In addition, it has a wattage output range of 5w to 70w, making it one of the most powerful pod vapes on the market today. There's a large OLED display screen right up front which displays your wattage setting, coil resistance and more. OBS' Alter Pod Kit is constructed of zinc alloy, and features 2.5D toughened glass, so it is quite durable. 

Obs alter 70w pod mod kit obs alter pod kit $10. 75 (usa)

As mentioned earlier, there's two different options you're able to choose from. The OBS Alter High Power Version caters more towards higher wattage vaping and lower resistances. With that being said, it's better for regular freebase e-juices. Another difference is the Alter refillable pod cartridge. It holds either 2ml or 3.5ml of e-liquid. 

Now, the biggest difference is the replaceable coils that's included. The first is the M1 0.2 ohm coil rated between 50w and 70w. Secondly, is the M3 0.15 ohm coil which is also rated up to 70w. A sub ohm base is required to utilize these specific coils. So, if you're a sub ohm vaper, then you'd definitely want this version.

Obs alter pod system obs alter pod kit $10. 75 (usa)

For you vapers who prefer lower wattage, and higher nicotine e-liquids such as nicotine salt vape juices, the low power OBS Alter Pod System will be your preference. The refillable pods for this version can hold either 2ml or 5ml of e-liquid. Like the high power version, the major difference is the replacement coil heads. There's a 1.4 ohm coil rated between 8w and 12, and a 0.15 ohm coil best vaped between 20w, and 25w. Lastly, a NicSalt base is needed to utilize these coil heads.

If you're looking for a new pod system kit that's not only powerful, but is capable of delivering multiple vape experiences, then you'll definitely want to check out the OBS Alter Pod Kit. This is definitely one of the more versatile, and by far the most powerful vape pod to come out in the past year.

OBS Alter Pod System Kit Features:

  • Internal 2,500mAh Battery
  • USB Type C Charging Port
  • Wattage Output Range: 5w - 70w
  • Minimum Firing Resistance; 0.1 ohm
  • Large OLED Display Screen
  • Zinc Alloy Construction
  • 2.5D Toughened Glass
  • 2 Versions Available
  • High Power Version
    • 2ml/3.5ml Refillable Pod Cartridge
    • Top Fill
    • Sub Ohm Base
    • 0.15 ohm M3 Coil
    • 0.2 ohm M1 Coil
  • Low Power Version
    • 2ml/5ml Refillable Pod Cartridge
    • Top Fill
    • NicSalt Base
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • 1.4 ohm NX Coil
    • 0.15 ohm SX Coil
  • 5 Color Options Available
Obs alter pod system kit obs alter pod kit $10. 75 (usa)

What's Included (OBS Alter Pod Kit High Power Version)

  • Alter Pod Mod by OBS
  • 2 Alter Pod Cartridges
  • Extra Coil
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

What's Included (Low Power OBS Alter Kit)

  • OBS Alter Pod Mod
  • 2 OBS Alter Refillable Pod Cartridges
  • Extra Coil Head
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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