Cthulhu Tube Dual Mosfet Mod $25.65

For a limited time only, the new Cthulhu Tube Mod is on sale right here for only $25.65 using coupon code "vapingcheap10". Free shipping applies to orders over $30. The colors available are Black and Silver.

The new Cthulhu Tube Mod requires a single 18350 or 18650 battery for operation. In addition, this device is powered by a dual mosfet chip and has a minimum firing resistance of 0.1 ohm. This tube has a 50mm/80mm height making and can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm in diameter. 

The Cthulhu Tube Mod has a ton of safety features such as short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection, which ensures peace of mind when using it. There is a small fire button on the top side of the mod, making it easy to use. Lastly, there is a lever at the bottom, that is used as a locking mechanism. 

All in all, this is a solid deal for the new Cthulhu Tube Mod! If you're looking for a new 18350/18650 tube with safety features, then this is the perfect deal for you! This new device at 3AVape for only $25.65!

Coupon Code: vapingcheap10

Product Features:

  • Requires a single 18350 or 18650 battery (Not Included)
  • Dual mosfet mod
  • Minimum firing resistance: 0.1 ohm
  • Locking mechanism
  • Supports atomizers with a 24mm diameter
  • Small fire button
  • 50mm height
  • Safety protections

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