What Is A Squonk Mod?

Squonking and bottom feeding mods or BF mods have increased in popularity over the years and have become one of the mainstream ways of vaping. Still, many vapers, especially those just starting out, often wonder what a squonk mod is and how to use this style of device to vape.

While it’s unlike any other devices currently on the market, it’s rather simple at its core. Worry not, as you’ve come to the right page to discover all you need to know about squonk mods and bottom feed vaping. Let’s get started!

What Is Squonking?

Before diving into what a squonk mod is, we have to explain squonking.

When you perform a squonk, you’re sending e-liquid into your atomizer from a pre-filled bottle. Typically, this is done by "dripping" e-liquid into your atomizer, which can be annoying especially when having to do it every couple of minutes. Not to mention, dripping and driving is not safe whatsoever. With squonking and squonk bottles filled with e-liquid, the process becomes hassle-free and safer.

So, "squonking" is the action of vaping with a BF or squonk vape mod. When you press or squeeze the bottle that’s built into a BF box mod, you're "squonking" or performing a "squonk." This might sound unusual at first, especially if you hear a fellow vaper say "they forgot to squonk before taking a hit off the mod," but as you experience this for yourself and perform the actual squonking action, you’ll understand what it means.

However, we want you to keep in mind that these bottles do not come pre-filled and that’s something you do yourself. Thankfully, filling has become easier with new designs and technology advancements made in the squonking world. Even the bottle shape, design, and construction has changed over the years. Bottles were originally made of PET material and were a pain to continuously push to fill your attached atomizer with e-juice. Now, we’ve got squonk bottles made out of silicone, which makes a world of difference. Newcomers to the squonk life have got it easy, trust us!

Speaking of the past, vapers used to perform a modification to their vaping mods in order to turn it into a squonk or bottom feeding compatible device. These days, this isn’t safe whatsoever, especially if you’re not sure how to do it. Thankfully this is no longer the case because, as mentioned earlier, this hardware is now mainstream. With that being said, please don’t attempt a modification on any of your existing devices, it's just not worth the hassle, even if it's your favorite type of vaping mod.

Lastly, we’ll explain what can be used with a squonk mod box in order to complete the experience. Rebuildable dripping atomizers, often referred to as RDAs, are what you’ll use attached on your device. In recent times, there are even some RDTAs that are squonk friendly. There’s something special about these attys though that makes them compatible.

Squonk rda and rdta what is a squonk mod?

Now, if you're not sure what an atty is, don't fret! We've got you covered with our full guide on atomizers.

Located at the bottom of the atomizer is the 510 connection pin. Typically, they’re completely sealed so e-juice does not drip down from your atty into the mod, which in normal cases would damage or totally ruin your vaping mods. With squonk compatible RDAs, there’s an open hole you’ll notice, which will allow vape juice to travel in from the bottom of the atomizer into the well. Once it has been filled, you stop pressing the bottle. E-juice will now travel down back into the bottle, leaving you with fully saturated cotton and coils. How awesome and convenient is that? That, my vape friends, is what you call squonking.

What Is A Vape Mod?

We know you want to really dig into squonk mods now after understanding what squonking is, but before we get there you’ve got to understand what a vape mod is. A vape mod is very similar in regard to overall looks and even in design to squonk mods, but they offer one primary difference: It does not have the squonking capability.

With that being said, a vaping mod is often powered by external batteries, in most cases 18650 vape batteries or built-in batteries. Additionally, they offer higher amounts of wattage usually between 100w and 200w, but there are even vape mods designed for clouds which can deliver a massive 350w output.

What is a vape mod

However, these mods often larger and heavier since they require more than a single battery - sometimes up to four! With vape mods, you’ll see them in different shapes and you’ll often hear other vapers refer to them as box mods because many of them are shaped just like a small box. So, both vape mods and box mods are usually the same hardware vapers would speak about and those vaping terms are used quite loosely. You’ll get used to it, trust us.

Another great feature you’ll get with a vape mod is wattage adjustment, which can be done with the buttons you’ll find on them. Temperature control is another way of vaping which can be done with these style devices. Some will even offer color display screens, which shows you really how far vaping has come in recent years. We have a full list of best vape mods for you vapers interested in just that.

What Is A Squonk Mod?

Like we mentioned earlier, squonk mods are really a special type of vape mod. While they offer plenty of similarities to a traditional mod, squonk vapes provide the one difference that completely changes your experience with vaping. Some even think these are the best vape mods you can buy. However, before we get further, you will notice that a lot of squonks are higher-end, which is not a bad thing whatsoever. Of course higher prices that come along with luxury vape mods tend to scare away a lot of vapers, don’t let that discourage you in getting a more premium device.

So, what really is a squonk mod? Just as we dived into before, it’s a box mod, but with the addition of a bottle on the side or back. This bottle holds e-juice inside it and can be pushed or squeezed to transfer e-liquid into the bottom of an atomizer and up into the juice well.

When it comes to the capacity of the bottle, it all depends on the squonk mod kit, which there are plenty of! You can get bottles with smaller designs that’ll hold 5ml or massive bottles with bigger squonk vapes that’ll hold more than 10ml.

Squonk mod box

With that being said, a squonk mod starter kid is something you’d want to consider if you’re looking to get into this type of vaping. We’ve got plenty of vape deals lined up for you to check out that’ll save you tons of money. Not only money you’d save with a squonk mod kit, but time as well since you won’t need to look for anything else that’s compatible. The last thing you want is an RDA that’s not compatible. Remember, the key thing you’re looking for is located at the bottom of the atomizer!

Included with a squonk mod kit, you’ll usually get both a BF device and a compatible atomizer that will come with a pre-installed 510 connection, often referred to as a BF 510 pin, that’s catered to squonking. Back in the day of modification, there was no such thing, so we always suggest taking advantage of these as they’re an easy way to get into the squonk world.

Now, for you vapers only wanting the best money has to buy, check out our full list of highly rated squonk mods. These will have all the bells and whistles you’d want including temperature control, fully customizable user interfaces and more. Not to mention, we’ve got some higher-end squonk vapes listed there too you’ll want to see before choosing on your first BF device.

How To Use A Squonk Mod?

Now that you understand what is a squonk mod box and the kind of vape it’ll deliver, we’ll let you know how exactly to use one. We won’t lie, how to use a squonk mod is pretty simple. However, there are certain things you want to keep in mind while using these one-of-a-kind devices. As we said, the design of a squonk mod allows for a bottle to be built into the actual device so you’re able to feed vape juice into your atomizer.

The last thing you want to do is press the bottle or squonk for too long. By doing this, you’ll completely flood your atomizer with e-liquid which will result in massive amounts of spit back. Of course, this is something you’ll completely want to avoid as no one wants a mouth full of hot vape juice.

To avoid this issue, it will take time to get used to the actual squonk bottle. You can of course be gentle with the amount you’re squonking. For example, you could count for a couple of seconds then release the bottle. Once you let go, it’ll bring any leftover e-juice from the bottom of your atomizer back into the bottle. 

How to use a squonk mod

This way you’re not sending too much vape juice in there either. While the pressure will bring e-liquid back into the bottle, there’s only so much it will do it, which is exactly why we say track how long you’re squeezing the bottle. Trust us, in no time you’ll be an expert on doing this! Practice makes perfect!

Moving on, the next aspect you’ll want to learn when using a squonk mod box is how to fill the empty bottle. We do recommend waiting until your bottle is completely empty before taking it out for a refill. By doing this, you’re more likely to avoid e-juice spilling onto your vaping mod or hands.

Depending on the design of your squonk mod will determine the methods. For example, there are some that are really convenient and offer a top-fill system. Some others, you’d have to remove the bottle from the device then unscrew the threading and then proceed to fill. Additionally, we’ve seen newer designs, generally with higher-end squonks, where you can even fill squonk bottles from the bottom without ever having it take it out. Either way, it’s a pretty straightforward process and very easy to do. Just keep in mind some are easier than others.

Aside from these two factors, how to use a squonk mod is the exact same as a vape mod. Put in your batteries, attach your compatible atomizer, set your preferred wattage, squonk until your cotton and coils are saturated then proceed to vape. When you notice your cotton and coils are becoming dry, simply squonk to get those wicks wet again and take a vape. Always keep an eye on this! Something else you’ll want to avoid are dry hits, trust us, we’ve experienced this more times than we’d like to admit.


Squonking may not be for everyone as there is some extra maintenance included when it comes to cleaning, but us vapers can agree this way of vaping and the special type of vape mod you’ll get with it is certainly convenient. Without having to constantly drip e-liquid is a huge time saver too!

Although in recent times, we’ve seen an impact on the vape scene, we’re still seeing more squonk vapes being released, both higher-end and budget friendly. That does show that squonking is still very much alive and desired by many vapers, which is something we can’t say the same about every type of vape. We don’t see that changing anytime soon either, but as with anything vaping, trends shift quite frequently. However, as vapers, we’re just happy to see this way of vape making it to the masses and for every vaper to try their hand at it.

With that being said, we hope this guide helped you with fully understanding what is squonking and what is a squonk mod. Squonking is not just for experts anymore where you had to perform a modification to hardware, as with any new squonk mod kit, it makes starting off, even for a beginner much easier. With this information at your disposal, let us know in the comments below if this way of vaping is something you’ll give a shot. If so, do you personally think these are the best vape mods you can get today? Thanks for reading!

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