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Here is our list of the latest Virgin vapor discount codes. This list will be updated whenever we get a new coupon code for If you want to save more money on your Virgin Vapor purchases just reamember to check back here often for the latest coupons and discounts. You may also want to visit the clearance section of their website because they often have select flavors of e-liquid listed on discount.

Virgin Vapor Discount Code

Virgin Vapor offers some of the highest quality organically flavored e-juice. They offer an huge selection of USDA certified organically flavored e-juice available in a number of different flavors and nicotine strengths. All of their e-juice is 100% USA made e-liquid, with no ingredients from China. They extract their nicotine in the USA and the e-juice contains no artificial ingredients or additives.

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If your looking for high quality organic e-liquid then Virgin vapor is the place to shop. There specialty is gourmet certified organic e-liquid and have an extensive list of organic flavors so you will be sure to find one you like. They are also one of the only e-liquid suppliers that have true 100% VG Virgin Vapor Online Vape Shop(vegetable glycerin) e-liquid, it’s actually 100% VG because they use flavoring that come in an organic ethyl alcohol base. Other suppliers claim to have 100% VG e-liquid but they still use flavors with a PG base so there e-liquid is actually around 90% VG.

All of there e-liquid is certified organic by the USDA. That means that it doesn’t contain any Diethylene glycol (DEG), artificial flavors, food coloringor any artificial sweeteners. They also use an organic vegetable glycerin base that is also USP pharmaceutical grade. You can see that using the best ingredients to make their e-liquid is very important to them The owner, Annette Rogers, has said that she is obsessed with with using the highest quality ingredients and that customers will even tell her that her liquid is very “clean” tasting when compared to other suppliers e-liquids. 

Bottles of Virgin Vapor E-Liquid2 bottles of Organic E-LiquidOther than creating the highest quality e-juice Virgin Vapor is also very focused on top notch customer service. Providing the the best customer service in the industry is one of the most important things to the Virgin vapor team. This is a company that is very focused on the customer, they strive to have the best product and the best service.

Recently they had a chance to let some celebrities from the red carpet try some of their products. Virgin Vapor is also growing very quickly. They have even had to turn down some retailers who asked to carry their products. Right now they are looking to expand production to a new lab.

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