Vaporesso Xiron Review

The top trend in the vaping industry today is ultraportable devices. Ideally, these machines not only pack a punch, but are loaded with flavorful coils. While there are indeed plenty to choose from and with more products still coming, not all will provide you with the same level of performance. Popular vaping brand Vaporesso is well known for these types of products, and they’re back at it yet again. 

Ever since announcing the Xiron, vapers couldn’t wait for the release date. Even in our preview, we were excited to finally get a chance to test out this newcomer to their vast lineup. The time is here and in our Vaporesso Xiron review, we’ll let you know everything you need to know before you go out and buy one.

Vaporesso Xiron Key Features:

Before jumping into our in-depth review of the Xiron by Vaporesso, we’ll cover the key features it has to offer us vapers.

  • Internal 1,500mAh Battery
  • USB Type-C Charging Port
  • 2A Charging Speed
  • Fully Adjustable Wattage: 5w - 50w
  • Alloy Material Construction
  • Textured Exterior Design
  • Compatible With GTX Mesh Coil Heads
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control Dial
  • 5.5ml Maximum E-Liquid Capacity
  • Top Fill Pod Cartridge
  • 0.69 Inch OLED Display Screen
  • Easy to Use

Vaporesso Xiron First Impressions

As always with Vaporesso products, presentation is basically perfect. If you haven’t experienced their product packaging before, then I’ll quickly cover what you can expect. On the front, you’ve got a sample image of the product alongside some key features. In this case, they’ve highlighted the coil system, top filling design, airflow control, and type-C port.

The back goes over product specifications and the packing list, which lets you know exactly what you’ll find in the box. Speaking of, you do get quite a lot inside the box of the Xiron. Aside from the pod mod, you’ll get a pod cartridge, two replacement coils, charging cable, user manual, warranty card and to my surprise, an additional mouthpiece. You’ll typically see extra drip tips in products like sub ohm tanks, but it’s definitely a nice inclusion with the Vaporesso Xiron.

Taking The Xiron Out The Box

Sliding open the box and you’ll immediately reveal the Xiron pod system. At first glance, it’s very different from their other new pod devices including the XROS. This, by no means, is a bad thing! 

Vaporesso xiron pod review

I love the overall design of the Xiron and picking it up for the first time made me love it even more. Built from alloy material, it’s got a hefty weight, but not too heavy. Now, the best part is the textured feel. Not only does this provide an additional level of comfort, but grip as well. It definitely has that "Vaporshark" feel to it. Honestly, I thought the Xiron was going to be much bigger than it is. It’s actually compact and fits perfectly in your hand.

On the opposite side of the 0.69-inch display screen is where you’ll find the airflow control system, a key selling point. Another important feature is the charging port - USB type-C! Something that we wished for in our Gen Nano review, so we’re glad Vaporesso implemented in this product. Hopefully in the future, we’ll see all new devices from this brand feature this port rather than micro-USB. It’s safer, faster and just easier to use overall.

Moving onto the pod cartridge and coil heads. Unlike the Vaporesso Target PM80 SE, you don’t get two replacement pods, only one. This isn’t necessarily a con as most pod vapes on the market do come with one. However, you do receive two different coil heads. We’ll cover more on this and all other key features later on.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say in my first impressions of the Xiron Pod Kit by Vaporesso. Just like we did when we reviewed the FORZ TX80. They’ve got product presentation and first impressions nailed down, that’s for sure.

Vaporesso Xiron Performance & Ease of Use

As mentioned, there are indeed a lot of other pod mods on the market, some more powerful than others. However, at its core, these products are designed for ease of use, convenience, and raw power. With that said, we’ll see how the Vaporesso Xiron can meet these performance standards.

Simple Functionality

Vaporesso mentions that this device has an easy-to-use design, and we couldn’t agree more. There’s multiple reason why, but we’ll start off with the menu system. A simple five clicks will turn the Xiron pod system on or off. Once it is on, you can click it three times to lock or unlock it.

By pressing the wattage up and down buttons together, you’re brought into the menu system. Here’s where you can choose between Smart VW (perfect for beginners), VW (variable wattage), and VV (variable voltage). You can also choose default to go back to its standard settings or exit if you want to go back. Now, this is what you call user-friendly!

Vaporesso xiron pod system vaporesso xiron review

Once you choose your vape setting, you’re good to go! While it’s not as in-depth or feature rich as their Gen S Kit with the Axon chipset, it’s really not needed for this device. With its design, you can tell it’s intended for specific types of vapers - those that are either new or want something simple without having to mess with too many settings.

The Xiron can deliver up to 50w of power. Since it’s compatible with their GTX mesh coil system, this is the perfect amount of power. Not only do you have a wide selection of coils, but a wattage range that’s ideal for any of them. Now, if you’re vaping the Xiron at the maximum 50w, it’ll drain the battery pretty quickly. While that’s the case, charging won’t take very long thanks to the 2A charging speed with USB type-C. Definitely a huge pro!

Easy Top-Filling Pod Cartridge

Onto the Vaporesso Xiron pod cartridge. For one, it holds a massive 5.5ml of vape juice, meaning you won’t be filling often, especially with a vape device like this. Even when you’ve got to fill the pod, it’s super easy! The Xiron features a top fill system. Simply pop open the silicone cover to reveal the filling port. Once you’re done filling with either your regular freebase or nicotine salt vape juice, plug it back and you’re done.

Another great feature is that it’s visible even when you install the pod into the Xiron. What this means it that you don’t need to take it out to check how much e-liquid you have left inside the pod. You can quickly tell when it’s in need of a refill. It’s convenient yes, but will help you avoid those nasty dry hits!

Vaporesso xiron pod

Lastly, I have to mention the magnetic connection. Most devices like this have some sort of connection, mostly magnetic, but the magnets on the Xiron are incredibly strong! This is definitely a good thing as I can’t tell you how many times with other pod systems where I had the pod either accidentally fall out or come off if I picked up the device by the cartridge.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a bit too strong as it can be difficult to take the pod out the Xiron when you want to change the coil. What I found works best is either grabbing it by the drip tip or slide your fingernail into the corner once you raise it slightly out. It’s not a con by any means, but worth mentioning just in case anyone runs into this.

Adjustable Airflow Control That Works

The next key feature of the Vaporesso Xiron is the airflow system. Many pod mods simply do not offer this, but there are even some that do have an airflow control that doesn’t make a difference in the vape, making it kind of pointless. We’re happy to report that the AFC on the Xiron does indeed work and works well!

Closing off the airflow to nearly closed will provide you with a tighter draw, ideal for MTL vaping. Opening it, you’re able to get more than enough airflow for a comfortable direct lung vape. Depending on the coil you have installed will really determine how much airflow you’ll get too. The main reason why is that generally with the lower resistance coils, the bore is wider. Therefore, you pull in more air through the coil. Smaller bore and higher resistance coils will give you a more restrictive draw.

There is one slight downside to the Xiron’s airflow control though. At times, it can be difficult to get a good grip and actually adjust it. When you’ve got your fingers placed perfectly, the airflow dial slides open or close easily. 

Vaporesso xiron pod kit review

Additionally, I found myself sometimes covering the airflow when taking a vape. It’s placed towards the top and my finger naturally goes there when vaping. This happens when using my thumb to hit the firing button. When using my pointer finger to vape, I don’t cover the airflow since the airflow control dial rests against the top of my palm. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but something worth mentioning for sure.

The Amazing GTX Coils

Definitely one of the best features of the Vaporesso Xiron are the compatible coil heads - the GTX mesh line. Included in the box, you’ll get two of them. The first is the 0.3 ohm GTX mesh coil rated between 32w to 45w. This is accurate in my opinion, but you can definitely push these to the maximum 50w the Xiron can offer. To keep the coil from burning out too quickly though, I’d recommend staying between the recommendation.

Flavor is top-notch and with this specific coil, you’re getting a wonderful direct lung vape experience. It has a very slight restriction in the draw, but very comfortable. I prefer cutting down the airflow a bit, which gave a more restrictive vape. Cloud production is also pretty impressive too, especially at just 40w. Still, it’s amazing to see how much clouds you can get from such a small vape!

Moving onto the next coil you’ll get which is the 0.8 ohm GTX mesh coil. This coil provides a much different experience than the 0.3 ohm variant. It’s rated between 12w and 20w, which is also accurate. With the smaller bore and higher resistance, this one you can use for mouth to lung vaping. Cutting down the airflow to nearly closed delivered a respectable MTL vape experience. You can also get a VERY restrictive direct lung vape if you wanted, but I preferred to use this one strictly for MTL.

Overall, it’s definitely a huge pro that Vaporesso gives you two coils in the box that each deliver a different vaping experience. It’s even better that the Xiron can actually suit both these vaping styles and that’s thanks to not only its fully adjustable wattage, but the airflow control system, allowing you to really dial in the vape.

Vaporesso Xiron Pros & Cons


  • Textured Body (Great hand feel)
  • GTX Mesh Coil Compatibility
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Top Filling Pod Cartridge
  • Large Pod E-Liquid Capacity (5.5ml)
  • Fast USB Type-C Charging (2A)
  • Solid Build Quality


  • Sometimes Difficult to Adjust Airflow
  • Magnetic Pod Connection a Little Too Strong
  • Can Cover Airflow When Vaping

Review Conclusion - An Excellent Vape

To conclude our Vaporesso Xiron review, we’ve got to say, they’ve delivered yet another amazing product to their vast lineup. Now, they’ve got plenty of great devices like the Barr and others. The Xiron is an excellent addition and truly compliments the rest. It’s got a much different form factor than the others and offers some unique features that do set it apart.

Yes, there was plenty to praise with the Xiron, but there were three small cons to mention. The first is that it can be a little difficult to adjust the airflow. It’s not perfect, but it does work and once you’ve got it set to how you like it, you won’t find yourself adjusting it much afterwards. The next is both a good and bad thing! Its magnetic connection is insanely strong, and while it keeps it secure in place, it can be difficult to take out. Lastly, is that I sometimes cover the airflow when vaping. This is something I avoided by simply changing up how I hold the Xiron vape pod while I vaped.

These are the minor cons to an otherwise excellent device. It delivers exactly what’s needed by many, a functional yet easy to use pod kit. On top of that, it's built incredibly well and just feels great in the hand. With that said, I absolutely recommend the Vaporesso Xiron. If you’re looking to grab one for your collection, check out our deal post for discounts.

Thanks for reading our Vaporesso Xiron review! We hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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