Vaping 101: 12 beginner mistakes to avoid

A vape pen, as the name suggests, is a pen shaped vaping device. They are mostly popular for their slim and stylish look. The concept of e-cigarette or vaping devices can be overwhelming to the folks who have been smoking through the years. The newbies need to learn plenty of concepts to get accustomed to the vape pens. Also, to those who switch from starter to advanced. During this transition, you make a lot of mistakes, which is very common. But, sometimes it can be harmful. Before you guide you through the mistakes you should avoid doing while using vape pens, here’s a small introduction to the different types of vape pens:  

Dab pen vs Wax pen

The type of product used by vaping devices makes a significant difference. Wax and dab pens use waxy concentrates and dabs, but oil and liquid pens are more common.

Dab pen vs Wax pens, Dabs can only be used with dab pens, which are the only vaping devices that can do so. Wax or concentrations are used in wax pens. Dab pens are a subclass of wax pens, despite the fact that their names are commonly interchanged. 


The most common connection type for vaping THC oil cartridges is the 510 thread, which is a sort of connection for vape thread batteries. The number 510 denotes ten threads, each measuring 0.5 mm in diameter. Because of its widespread use, 510 thread batteries are available in a variety of sizes and strengths. 510 refers to the entire assembly, whereas 510 thread battery refers to the battery alone. The alternatives are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a pen-like form and are extremely thin. These are small enough to fit in a pocket or a bag. Others come in a variety of shapes, such as squares or rectangles. These can come in a range of sizes.

Safe and effective THC oil pen care is needed, and we’ll show through this article how you can use and maintain your vape pens. While the basics of using a vape pen are as simple as adding the cartridges and inhaling it, following are a few tips and guidelines which will extend the life of your vape pen, maintain the cartridges and reduce oil leakage through the pen. Please obey all local and state laws when it comes to THC vaping. 

12 Common Beginner Vaping Mistakes

Selecting wrong e-liquid

You will pick up any liquid that looks appealing and load it into your vape machines without hesitation. However, the PG/VG ratio is critical. PG is the Propylene Glycol, is petroleum by product and has no odour and colour. On the other hand VG is Vegetable Glycerine, is a natural chemical taken from vegetables and has a sweeter taste than PG. Both of these are safe for humans. It may be worth increasing your VG ratio if you are not getting enough vapors or have a sore throat. 

Buying a cheap product

Most of us go with the looks of e-cigarettes. We take our hands to those costing less for a try. But this will later discourage continuing with the same. While there are hundreds of brands to choose from, it’s worth it to spend in a well known brand with a strong reputation so you can be sure you are receiving a high quality product- and an equally high quality vape pen experience. 

Do not overfill your vape tank

The basic vaporising technique is quite straightforward: a heating coil wrapped around a wick warms up to produce vapour. Any remaining heat causes the tank to fill up with more liquid. If newbies aren't getting the experience they want, they'll frequently try to add more juice and unknowingly fill the tank above the line. This will have the reverse effect of increasing vapour output and flavour. If you overfill the vape tank, the wick will become saturated, blocking airflow and making it difficult to obtain a proper draw or puff. When you sketch, do you hear a gurgling sound? If this is the case, you may have a problem with overflooding

Drastic elevation and temperature changes should be avoided.

While O.pen vape pens are ideal for use anywhere from the beach to the mountains, extreme elevation and temperature changes may cause the oil in the cartridge to leak. Proper vape pen care and storage, like placing a sealed shampoo bottle in your checked bag on an aeroplane, minimises leaks.

Maintenance of THC cartridges

It's the worst feeling in the world when your fresh new oil cartridge breaks due to a mishap. A simple solution is to use a protective cover, or you may buy a cheap pencil or pen grip from Amazon for a few dollars. These low-cost but effective items will keep your 510-thread cartridge from splitting and losing any valuable oil if it is dropped.


Beginners frequently make the mistake of presuming that charging their gadgets overnight is OK. This can quickly deplete the battery. If you leave your smartphone charging overnight, you risk destroying it in addition to destroying your battery. To avoid device damage, you can purchase vape kits with overcharge protection.

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Proper voltage for the cartridges

When vaping, it's critical not to exceed the recommended voltage for a 510-thread cartridge, as doing so can result in harsh vapour. For vaping cannabis oil, the typical vape cartridge should not exceed 4.0 volts. With variable voltage vape batteries, we recognize that everyone wants a distinct type of vapour, and we supply the greatest options available.

Blinking of the pen

The continuous blinking of the vape pen means the cartridge is not compatible. It is much better to always buy a reliable product from a licensed brand. 

Keeping your vape turned on while in your pocket

This may sound apparent, but many individuals will put their vapes in their pocket or bag and go about their business, completely forgetting that they are still turned on. Not only will this shorten the battery's life, but it also puts you at risk of leakage.

Nicotine consumption that is insufficient

Some people have trouble finding the proper e-liquid strength when they first start vaping. Nicotine usage should depend on the type of smoker.

Clean your machine

Most people leave the vape aside after using it. The germs remain intact on it. Also, they reduce the performance of the device. Use clean tissue to wipe the mouthpiece. 

Coil and Atomiser should be replaced.

Coils are a non-renewable resource. If you're using a clearomizer with coils that can be replaced, change the coil every month or so to maintain peak performance. 

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