Rules for Vaping and Dating

Vaping is gaining popularity. You can see more and more people blowing thick smoke out of their lungs everywhere. It doesn’t just look cool. It’s healthier than cigarettes and you can do it everywhere. Does that mean you should do it on a date? Keep reading and find out.

Should You Vape on a First Date?

It depends, but in most cases, the answer is no. You shouldn’t vape on a first date to show respect towards the date's health. Vaping is healthier than cigarettes, but it isn’t harmless. Also, you don’t know if your partner is allergic to the smoke or if she likes the smell. You can vape on a first date if you meet online first, you tell her that you’re vaping and she tells you she’s OK with it. Otherwise, it would be better to avoid vaping on the first date.

Where to Find a Like-Minded Person?

It’s not hard to meet people who vape. Just walking on the street is enough to notice vapers. Approach them and start a conversation. You’ll have a lot in common. You can meet like-minded people in vape shops and bars popular among vapers. Vaping forums, social media groups, and some dating sites are great to become a part of an online vaping community. Dating sites should be your first choice if you want to date a like-minded single. Flirting might not fall on the fertile soil on forums and similar sites.

Tips on How to Date Someone Who Vapes?

Dating somebody who vapes, or being a vaper in a relationship can be challenging. Hope that the following tips will help you stay happy.

1. Don’t Hide It

If you vape and want to meet your like-minded couple use Top 5 Dating Sites to choose the right place and fill the profile. Write that you like vape, be honest. That’ll weed out girls turned off by vaping. Also, you’ll find a person who’s good not only for one night but for life. Honesty is the foundation of every relationship so hiding something that is not that important in the end, makes no sense. Your honesty will help you find a perfect partner online, so do yourself a favour and mention that you’re vaping.

2. Don’t Hook Your Date On Vaping!

After starting a relationship, people tend to pick up habits from their partners. We pick up some good things, but also some bad things. Vaping isn’t bad, but hooking on anything isn’t good. If your girl has to pick up anything from you, let it be your love of physical exercise, your love for good movies, etc. You have so much to offer and transfer to her. Try to choose the good stuff. Keep vaping as something just yours. One day you may break up, and if you hook your date on vaping, it will be hard for them to quit it. That’s why it’s always better to find like-minded partners. But sometimes love is blind so you end up dating somebody who doesn’t vape.

3. Don’t Vape While She Is Talking

This might sound silly to you, but don’t vape while your partner is talking. I know. We vapers are vaping all the time while talking to our friends. Nobody recognizes that as something bad. The whole gang is vaping, after all. But when you’re in the company of somebody who doesn’t vape, don’t vape while they’re talking. Girls can read that as a sign of disrespect. It will look like you’re not paying attention to her words and girls like good listeners. The only thing worse than vaping while she’s talking is doing vaping tricks while she’s talking. That’s an obvious sign that you’re not listening, and it might earn you a slap or end your date sooner than you hoped.

Regardless of popularity, vaping is still not accepted by some people. Dating somebody who doesn’t approve of your habits is draining. We suggest you meet somebody who’ll love everything about you.

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