OVNS Zorro Pod System $11.35 + FS!

Here's an amazing deal on the OVNS Zorro Pod System! It's now available for pre-order for only $11.35 plus FREE shipping! There are various colors available including Red, Black, Grey, Blue, and Gold.

The new OVNS Zorro Pod Starter Kit sports a 250mAh built in battery, and it can be charged with the included USB cable. It does also feature a ultra slim and portable design, making it perfect for stealth vaping.

There's a couple features that do make this kit unique when comparing it to some of the best pod vapes. Firstly, it has three different voltage settings which are low, middle and high.

Ovns zorro

Switching through these modes can be done quite easily as well, simply click the front button three times and you'll see the LED light flash and indicate which setting you're currently on. In addition, the OVNS Zorro features a preheating function. While in standby mode, simply press the button two times and it'll start preheating.

Included in the packaging, there is one refillable cartridge which has an e-liquid capacity of 0.7ml. It does have a coil resistance of 1.8 ohm, which is great for mouth to lung vaping and higher nicotine strength e-liquids. Organic cotton is used in these pods, so you'll get good flavor out of them.

If you're looking for a vape pod deal that's under $15, then this is a deal you simply cannot miss out on. For the current asking price, it's a complete steal, especially with free shipping included.

OVNS Zorro Pod Starter Kit Features:

  • 250mAh Built In Battery
    • Micro USB Charging Port (Cable Included)
  • Ultra Portable Form Factor
  • Three Voltage Output Modes
    • 3 Clicks to Switch Modes
    • Red LED Light - Low Voltage
    • Blue LED Light - Middle Voltage
    • Green LED Light - High Voltage
  • PreHeating Function
    • 2 Clicks
    • PreHeating Time - 15 Seconds
  • Battery Protection
  • Includes One Refillable Pod
    • 1.8 ohm Coil with Organic Cotton
    • 0.7ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Color Options: Black, Red, Gold, Blue, Grey

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