JBOI Pre-Built Handmade Coils Sale! From $10.99!

During the JBOI Pre-Built Handmade Coils Sale right here you can get a set of Exotic Coils for as low as $10.99! No coupon code required! Various coil sets are available in this sale!

During the JBOI Pre-Built Handmade Coils Sale, you can get a pair of Fused Clapton coils for only $10.99! No coupon code required! Other coils included in this sale are Aliens, Alien Singles, Framed Staple Aliens and Series Aliens. In addition, these coils are crafted from Stainless Steel wire or N80 wire. Each pair of coils comes in a labeled plastic container, which makes it easier to organize and store. Lastly, each of the resistances will be posted down below!

All in all, this is an incredible deal for the JBOI Pre-Built Handmade Coils! If you are looking to pick up a pair of handmade exotic coils at great prices, then this is a deal for you! Be sure to check this deal out at EightVape for only $10.99!

Product Features:

  • Pre-Built Handmade Coils
  • 8 Different Coil Types
  • Constructed From Stainless Steel or N80 Wire
  • Each Pair Comes In A Plastic Case
  • Ohm Resistances:
    • N80 Alien: 0.15 ohm
    • N80 Alien Single: 0.28 ohm
    • N80 Framed Staple Alien: 0.13 ohm
    • N80 Fused Clapton: 0.14 ohm
    • SS Alien: 0.13 ohm
    • SS Fused Clapton: 0.13 ohm
    • N80 Series Alien: 0.35 ohm
    • N80 Alien 0.11 ohm

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