Buying your first vape: 6 things to know

Today, the popularity of vaping knows no bounds. After being acknowledged as the perfect alternative to cigarettes, vapes are having a major moment right now. Now, vaping has become mainstream and is a multi-billion dollar industry globally. Newcomers might get a little overwhelmed initially but will eventually immerse in the vibe. Various techniques and terms now prove to be a bit of a learning curve. So if you plan to buy your first vape, we’ve covered you in this article. Here, we will discuss some important things to consider when buying it for the first time:

What is a tank?

No, we aren't implying the giant rolling metal machines. Tank is a staunch part of the vaping culture
wherein you load the vape e-juice. It comprises three parts, which are:

  • Drip Tip
    This is the vape part where you put your lips on to inhale the vaporized liquid. It's prepared with heat-resistant plastic or metal. Some third-party companies also use wood to make it. It is moveable and gives a customized look to your vape. Most people like smaller holes for a seamless vaping experience, while the rest prefer large openings.
  • Coil
    Also known as an atomizer, this part causes vaporization of the e-liquid. Every atomizer has a coil inside that is wrapped with a cotton piece. Once you inhale the liquid, it is pulled from the chamber, and the heated coil causes instant vaporization. However, coils are disposable, so you must replace them every week.
  • Tank Chamber
    Here, you load the e-vape, which could be any flavor you prefer. The tank is usually prepared with glass, titanium, or stainless steel. Tanks are much easier to fill since you don’t have to remove them from the battery.

Coil priming for first timers

Coils have to be primed for the first time. This is something that many first time users are unaware of. However, if it's not primed, you'll struggle to get the juice to the main tank. A dry hit can become a big issue when e-juice is soaked. It will also cause the vape taste to change, making it unpleasant. So you’ll have to take the e-liquid and let it flow in the air. Ensure the cotton is well saturated before using it.


Also known as a mod, it provided power to the atomizer and tank. It controls the temperature and wattage that you’re vaping at. A well-styled vape pen will use a battery instead of a mod. But it will offer limited control over wattage. Unless you buy best delta-8 disposable pens, check if the battery has impressive longevity or not.

Temperature Controlled Mods 

Today, the modern mods are equipped with temperature control. They allow you to set the temperature to avoid overheating the e-liquid. It will monitor the coil's resistance and change the temperature while you’re enjoying it. Temperature-controlled units are beneficial for controlling the experience of vaping. They will quickly detect an unusual change in the resistance. They’ll quickly adjust the voltage unit to keep the temperature moderate.

Starter Kits Are Available 

If you’re new to vaping, starter kits are where you should start. Most companies offer starter kits in the beginning. They’re inclusive of a couple/of coils and a battery. They’re prepared for newcomers and help you start vaping right away after opening the box. Check out the latest starter kits online, so you can buy one that fits your needs.


For best reference, you can think of e-juice, similar to wine. The flavors and strength vary according to the brand you’re buying from. Owing to high demand by customers, vaping companies have introduced tons of flavors.

That's quick rundown of everything you need to consider when buying your first vape. 

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