Vivismoke Gentle Cotton Threads $1.99

Here are cheap deals and discounts for the Vivismoke Gentle Cotton Threads. Grab a pack for just $1.99. No code needed for this sale price. You'll also get free worldwide shipping over when spending over $15.


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The Vivismoke Gentle Organic Cotton Thread comes in a pack of 20 pieces that's enclosed within a resealable packaging. They're made of pharma grade 100% tasteless cotton, so there's little to no break in time.

Additionally, like we've seen with quite a few other cottons for vaping, they do feature the shoelace at one end. This makes it incredibly easy to wick your coils, and makes the process that much faster.

Vivismoke gentle organic cotton threads scaled vivismoke gentle cotton threads $1. 99

They are designed to work with both 2.5mm and 3.0mm diameter coils. The length of each Vivismoke Gentle cotton thread is just about 110mm, so you can get away with using only one piece for two coils rather than one. Lastly, the Vivismoke Gentle Cotton features large fibers for low ohm builds, and have no chemicals, pesticides or bleach.

If you're looking for cheap cotton threads that feature the shoelace ends, then look no further! At just under 2 bucks per bag of cotton, you can literally stock up for months before needing to buy more.

Vivismoke Gentle Cotton Thread Features:

  • Pharma Grade 100% Tasteless Cotton
  • Includes 20 Pieces
  • Enclosed In Resealable Bag
  • No Chemicals, Pesticides or Bleach
  • 110mm Length
  • Suitable for 2.5mm & 3.0mm Coils
  • Large Fibers for Low Ohm Builds
  • Shoelace End

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