Vaperz Cloud Saga Mech Mod $63.00 (USA)

Vaperz Cloud Saga

Here's a cheap deal and discount on the Vaperz Cloud Saga Mech Mod. Buy this series 21700 box mod from just $63.00 using coupon "HARDWARE10". Free shipping is included when spending over $80. Two colors are back in stock, including Smoked Out and limited edition Ultem. 

The Saga 21700 Series Mech Mod by Vaperz Cloud requires two high drain 21700 batteries. Since it's fully mechanical, and ran in a series configuration with an 8.4 voltage output, it's highly recommended understanding ohms law and battery safety before usage. Although it houses the larger batteries, it still remains quite compact and ergonomic, so it's incredibly comfortable to hold and vape with.

Vaperz Cloud Saga Mech Mod

There's a few other features that make this quite unique as well. Firstly, the Vaperz Cloud Saga Mod features silver plated copper contacts and internals, so it's definitely a hard hitter. Additionally, it has manually adjustable battery contacts which is handy as some 21700s can vary slightly in size, and sports the popular VC Tech Switch. Again, this ensures the least amount of voltage drop, so you'll get optimal performance.

If you enjoy mech mods or series devices, then definitely check out this sale on the Vaperz Cloud Saga Mechanical Series Box Mod. It's all about performance and comfort, and certainly delivers in both aspects.

Vaperz Cloud Saga 21700 Series Mech Mod Features:

  • Powered by dual 21700 batteries (not included)
  • Series configuration
  • Manual adjustable battery contacts
  • VC Tech Switch
  • Ergonomic & slim form factor
  • Fully mechanical
  • Bottom loading battery door
  • Full silver plated contacts and internals

What's Included:

  • Vaperz Cloud Saga Mod
  • Lighter Spring
  • Spare Screws and Rings

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