Rincoe Jellybox Nano Pod Kit $11.47

Here's where you'll find the best deals and discounts for the Rincoe Jellybox Nano Pod Kit. Buy this device for as cheap as $11.47 after using the coupon code "MAY10". 

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The Rincoe Jellybox Nano Pod Kit shares a similar body style of the popular Caliburn Koko Prime. However, it features a unique exterior design, just like we saw with the box mod from this lineup by Rincoe. 

You can definitely get a full day of vaping since it packs a built-in 1000mAh battery. Maximum wattage is 30w, which is plenty of power for this style device. Vaping is simple thanks to the single button design. On the side, you'll find an adjustable airflow slot.

Rincoe jellybox nano pod system rincoe jellybox nano pod kit $11. 47

Included with Rincoe's Jellybox Nano Pod System is a single refillable pod cartridge. It has a maximum e-juice capacity of 2.8ml and filling it is quite easy. Furthermore, you get two different coil heads with this kit, the first is a 1.0 ohm coil and the other is a 0.5 ohm coil. The higher resistance is catered to MTL while the lower resistance coil is suited for RDL.

If you're looking for not only a unique pod device, but one that's small, offers plenty of power and affordable, you'll definitely want to check out the Jellybox Nano Pod by Rincoe.

Rincoe Jellybox Nano Pod System Features:

  • Internal 1000mAh battery
  • Maximum wattage output: 30w
  • Compact design
  • Large fire button
  • LED battery indicator lights
  • Multiple safety features
  • Adjustable side airflow switch
  • Compatible with the Jellybox Nano Pod Cartridge
    • Maximum e-juice capacity: 2.8ml
    • Easy fill design
    • Two different coils

What's Included:

  • Rincoe Jellybox Nano Pod Kit
  • Refillable Pod Cartridge
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • 1.0 ohm coil head
  • Certificate card
  • Warranty Card
  • 0.5 ohm coil head
  • User Manual
  • Lanyard
Rincoe jellybox nano pod mod kit rincoe jellybox nano pod kit $11. 47

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