Delta 8 Hemp Gummies Review

While CBD is an incredible and popular type of product used for many reasons, Delta-8 has not gone unnoticed. Whether it’s for relaxation, body and head feel or something to keep your mind at ease, the folks over at Delta 8 Hemp have something to offer everybody.

In our last review, we checked out their CBD vape juice. Here, we’ll be reviewing their Delta 8 THC gummies, available in both standard and sour flavors. 

Delta-8 Hemp THC Gummies Product Details

  • Total Strength in Each Jar: 300mg
  • Strength Per Gummy: 33mg
  • 9 Gummies Per Bottle
  • Derived from Hemp
  • Gluten-Free Gummy Edible
  • Available in both Sour & Standard Gummy Flavors
  • Cube Shaped Gummy
  • Flavor Description: Fruity & Sugar Coated
  • Below The Federally Legal Limit (Of 0.3%)
  • Zero Hemp Taste

Delta 8 Hemp Gummy Review

Delta or D-8 products have become popular over the past year, and just like CBD products, they are used for a variety of reasons. With that said, Delta-8 Hemp does promise quite a bit for this product, and we’ll let you know if it actually delivers.

Let’s start off with the actual look of their Delta-8 THC gummy. It’s much different from your typical CBD gummy, usually offered in small circular (ring) or bear shapes. These are cubed shaped and are quite large, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With its size, you can easily cut them in half if you prefer. The recommended dosage is either a full gummy or half. 

Perfect No Hemp Taste

Aside from the shape, you can certainly see the sugar coating on each individual gummy. Like the flavor description says, the D-8 THC gummy is fruity and sweet. It’s not overbearingly sweet by any means, but just sweet enough to satisfy any craving you may have. It’s difficult to really pinpoint any specific fruit flavor rather, it tastes like a mixture of fruit notes.

The company says you won't taste any hemp, and they live up to that promise. Often times with CBD-related products, you get a slight grass or earthy taste. Thankfully, this is not the case with the D-8 Hemp gummy.

Something else worth mentioning is that it’s not too hard to chew nor is it too soft. The chewiness of D-8's Hemp gummy is pretty much perfect - right in the middle, so it’s not overly soft or too difficult to chew. While this may be an aspect many would look over, it’s important to us that it’s easy to consume.

Great Delta-8 Quality

Depending on the user and the dosage taken, either half or a full gummy, the effects can vary. During our testing, we felt relaxed and at ease. Another great use for these types of products is helping to put you to sleep. I know there are many who find it hard to fall asleep at night and using a product like this that’s easy to consume and that actually works is truly amazing.

While taking it during the day may help you feel calm and relaxed, in the nighttime it can certainly act as a sleep aid. Depending on your personal needs and the consumption, it may deliver exactly what you’re looking for. All in all, the quality is outstanding and something we’ve come to expect from a brand like Delta 8 Hemp.

Review Conclusion

We’ve got to admit, this brand has delivered an excellent quality product that will suit the needs of many. While D-8 products are still up and coming in comparison to CBD, it has been something that many CBD users are looking for. It’s yet another alternative option for people looking for something to help with pain, relaxation, sleep and much more.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying out a new Delta-8 Gummy or simply want to try something aside from traditional CBD, Delta-8's THC gummy is definitely worth checking out. It’s priced affordably, so you won’t be needing to pay tons of cash to try it out for the first time. Not to mention, it's an excellent option for veteran users thanks to its affordable price point, the quality, and overall flavor.

Have you had any experience with Delta-8? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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