Ave40 Vladdin Open Pod Kit Giveaway! 5 Winners!

During the Ave40 Vladdin Open Pod Kit Giveaway, Vaping Cheap readers have a chance to score a new pod system! There will be a total of 5 winners. 

Giveaway Prizes:

  • Total of 5 Winners
  • Each Winner Receives Vladdin Open Pod Kit

Enter Below...

No purchase is required to enter nor does a purchase increase your chances of winning. Winners must be of legal age within their residing state.

Make sure you enter with a good e-mail address that you check often. We've have had a number of winners who never respond to the winning e-mail and lost their prize. Please use your primary e-mail address to enter. Thanks.

Winners are listed in the Giveaway Box listed above within 1 week of the Giveaway end date. 

Winners will be notified by Ave40 via Email and have 72 hours to claim the prize. Last day to enter is April 19th, 2019 at 11:59 pm EST. Winners will be drawn and notified within 1 week of giveaway closure.

This giveaway is open Vaping Cheap and Om Vapors subscribers only. Be sure to confirm your email subscription in the followup email.

Vaping Cheap reserve's the right to disqualify contestants. Contestants shall not enter multiple times or use multiple accounts to enter. Fraudulent activities will be monitored and will lead to exclusion of all current and future sweepstakes/giveaways.

Due to FDA Regulations a requirement of a small payment via PayPal from each prize winner or the prize winner(s) will be disqualified.

12 thoughts on “Ave40 Vladdin Open Pod Kit Giveaway! 5 Winners!”

  1. I have been vaping for 7 yrs and have just recently wanted to try a pod system. This looks like a good one !

  2. Peter Grandy

    The Vladdin is a great pod system! I tried one way back when they first came out, so I’m sure they’re better now. And the new colors are cool!!

  3. I really like the AVE40 open pod system. It is far more economical to refill with the liquid of your choice plus you can really tailor it your taste. Nice system.

  4. Really really like that they are doing open pod now. Vladdin is one of the best pod devices for sure !!

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