Zorro V2 RDA Clone $7.69

Zorro V2

Zorro V2 Clone

Angelcigs has the Zorro V2 RDA Clone on sale now for just $7.69, a great price even for a clone. The Zorro V2 at this price is definitely a must buy, especially for all you flavor chasers out there.

The original version of the Zorro RDA was completely different from the V2, making it hard to compare. However, don’t let that deter you from picking up this amazing RDA. The Zorro V2 is sure to slice its way right into the heart of the vaping market soon enough.

Similar to the V1, the  Zorro V2 is a bottom airflow rebuildable atomizer with a nice wide-bore chuff cap, and because of these attributes it provides some serious flavor. The vapor production isn’t something to scoff at either.

Another aspect of the Zorro V2 RDA that makes it a worthwhile purchase is that it has a phenomenal build deck. There are four posts with fairly large post holes, allowing for even the toughest of builds to be popped in with ease.

All-in-all the Zorro V2 clone is worth the measly $7.69 from Angelcigs. I recommend any flavor chaser out there to pick this RDA up and give it a whirl. Don’t miss out on this killer deal. Pick yours up while you still can. And as always, vape on.

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Zorro V2 Features

  • Removable Wide bore drip tip
  • Air flow adjustable
  • Quad posts design
  • 510 threaded connector (adjustable center pin)

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  • Larry Walewski 07/03/2015

    Bottom feeding too, huh?

    • scottsbarnard 07/04/2015

      Yup….. bottom feeding too….. saw this atty in a Facebook Squonkers group when Angelcigs first released it…. could prove to be quite interesting for Squonkers….. 😉


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