Zero Modz Clone (Carlos Creations Clone)

Zero Modz Clone

photo collage 1The authentic Zero box mod is a DNA30 powered collection of custom made and meticulously hand crafted mods from Malaysian modder Carlos Creation. This masterful creation has become an underground sensation within the world high-end mod collectors, and is not available for purchase via online or brick and mortar vape shops. There is an active wait list of nearly 500 interested buyers who are eagerly hoping to purchase this custom handmade mod, which can only be accessed by joining a private Facebook group which currently has almost 1,700 members. Access to the private group is by approval only.

These custom DNA 30 box mods feature stainless steel outer frames, with a wooden interior that holds the single 18650 battery, and removable/interchangeable outer body sleeves. The interchangeable body sleeves are crafted in an assortment of metals and finishes from stainless steel, to anodized aluminum, to brushed and force patina 3

One of the more intriguing aspects of this unique box mod is the key used to lock/unlock the 18650 battery in place, which is cleverly stored in a craved out key holder on the wooden interior of the mod.

These custom creations are produced in batches of 15-20 mods at a time, and costs $400 plus shipping. Included in the purchase is the main Zero DNA30 device, and one of each sleeve in brushed stainless steel, and a sandblasted finish. Additional sleeves can be purchased, and cost between $40-150 USD depending on the finish.

The Zero Clone

For those of you who find the $400 price tag, and extremely long wait for the possibility of owning one of these custom made creations to be out of your reach, China has answered you once again. A 1:1 clone of the Zero modz DNA30 is currently in production, and is being made by Guangzhou Yosen Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

Zero Mod Clone

Zero Mod Clone

At present, Yosen has completed their ZERO Modz clone samples with brushed, and black smooth finished sleeves. The official date of the clones release to the US market for retail sale has yet to be announced. There are plans to release brass, and copper finish sleeves for the Zero Modz clone in the future. Based on wholesale pricing for the Zero Modz DNA 30 clone, I expect retail pricing to be between $175-200 USD. The DNA 30 chip being used within the clone is also made by Yosen Electronic. I am expecting a sample of the Zero Modz clone for the purpose of review from Yosen Electronic to ship out to me shortly, so stayed tuned for the review. And a special thanks to ECF member Fa-Q for giving me the lead on this clone. 😀

See Our Zero Modz Clone Review

Buy a Zero Moz Clone

Zero clone specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction (frame and sleeve)
  • Wood construction (inner body)
  • Adjustable 510 connection threading
  • 7-30 watts
  • Fires .5-5.00 ohms
  • 3.7v-7.0v voltage output

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Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Ben Mears 10/26/2014

    After 3 years of vaping I have never anticipated a mod as much as this zero clone. It’s just a thing of beauty and aesthetically perfect imo.
    Vaping cheap bookmarked and eagerly awaiting your review 🙂

  • Johnny Bravo 10/27/2014

    Extremely long wait = because of A LOT of backdoor transactions

    If you can be buddies with modder and his affiliates = confirmed backdoor access

    Modder’s affiliates = rude. Thinks everyone that PM them wants a backdoor. People ask nicely, you answer nicely.

    Im not being sour not to own one (that ship has sailed, plus there are better mods), i think they deserved it. For the first time i support clones. Mass produce this! Not so rare anymore huh? Good riddance

  • Timmy Chin 11/01/2014

    Looking forward to your review, I just did my own version of the review, pretty decent mod 😀

    • Ben Mears 11/01/2014

      How’s it going with the zero Timmy? Loved your review but a little put off by the 510 threading. Don’t really care too much about the fire delay as I got used to that after owning the clone hana.
      Thanks agin for getting your views out there so quickly 😉

      • Timmy Chin 11/02/2014

        The zero is still going strong, just love the form factor, I keep telling myself an IPV would be a better and more reliable chip but I can’t seem to let the zero go. Unless another well build mod comes along 😀 So yeah I’m really liking it. Got used to a delay already 😀

      • Timmy Chin 11/02/2014

        Thanks for the sub! Great site you have here, been browsing through all day. Keep it uppp 😀

  • David Tan Heng Liat 11/14/2014

    I guess you guys who couldn’t get your hands on the mod and feel sore about it and i cant blame you but I paid top dollar for it from arm twisting a vape shop owner and if you say theres backdoor I think it isint fair coz u dont spend nights with the modder..its Mon to Sunday and its no joke coz he doesnt outsource any part to any manufacturers and its pure hand made every process all the way and even a simple task of soldering which is so unlike the mass produce ones and thats the beauty I saw in it… I do and Im a professional by nature and if you get to see his poor hands and his sighs.(not to mention his poor companion always by his side and yet quite as a mouse).you will have a different picture on this mod (the sacrifice that he has contributed to ensure gratification upon receiving the mod).Even my own Cousin has waited 4 months already and he still has more than 10 before him. and he cant helps it if some of the previous owners start flipping things ..(unless u have a database software to keeps tracks of your product disbursement) its just Him and Himself with the few aids that I have seen who I guess didn’t even finish High school…so its just like Micheal Dell when he first started from the I humbly request for some slack here.

    I apologize for the affiliates which you feel have been Rude Im there almost every night that 3 hours he comes out for dinner and do try to visualize entertaining 300 or more messages every night and also My gosh imagine ordering the same chicken fillet for dinner for the past 3 months that I have spent with him.I don’t eat there any more i just have my coffees..there and listen to his challenges and provide as much advices from a corporate standpoint.

    But then again Im glad the clone came out now Carlos himself can rest easy and move things along so If you do like the mod or the concept of it we apologise and by all means enjoy the clone its still a appreciation to him for in a way by proving his concept.

    • J Moss 03/11/2015

      The product is out dated by the time you actually receive it so then you have an over priced device that isn’t worth anywhere near what you paid for it. So then you have to find a buyer and lose most of your investment, all because someone thinks his creation is worth more than it really is. I get it, the guy thinks touting his own hand made mod and inflating the price will make him rich.
      No, the truth is, you can’t make so much when you can’t deliver said product and your buyers cancel their orders because the next best things are coming out in troves. That is the crux of the business. If you want to stay relevant in this industry you must keep up. Design it, then let the Chinese produce it so you can do it cheaper and faster.
      What the guys hands or eyes look like, or what he eats for dinner don’t concern people. Getting what they paid for before it is obsolete is what people want.
      Now it is cloned, it is relevant to what people want and very affordable.

  • Ryan 12/22/2014

    Love the review, thank you so much. Can anyone tell me which atty is in the first pic? Looks like it fits perfectly on to the zero.

  • Tony 02/05/2015

    Anyone know the tank in the top photo with the yellow eliquid in it???


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