Zero Mod Clone, SX300 Chip – $65.00 China

Zero Mods Clone

35 Watt Box Mod

They just added a new 35 watts Zero Mods clone at Fasttech for a very low price. It’s only $65.00 when you use coupon code “XMAS14” for 5% off.

Not too long ago Nicole posted a great Zero Modz clone review, It has a different chip set than this version but it’s a similar device.

This 35 watt Zero Mod Clone not only has an upgraded 35 watt YiHi sx300 chip over the previous Zero Clone that can output up to 35 watts but it also has G-sensor to make adjustments. I expect this G-Sensor is the same feature they had on the Sigelei 20 watt mod. To make adjustments to the wattage you just tilt the device to the right or left, the G-Sensor senses the movement and makes adjustments.

The screen on this Zero Mod Clone is also larger measuring 0.66” making it easier to read. Other features include an adjustable 510 center pin, ability to fire down to a 0.2ohm load, and a micro USB charging port.

NOTE: I have been notified that this may not have a genuine YiHi SX300 chip set.

Coupon Code: XMAS14

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Zero Mod Clone Features:

  • Chip: yihi sx300
  • Recessed 510 connection
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Gravity sensor adjust power automatically: 7-35W in .1W increments
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8.3V/10A
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V (3.7V typical)/1.5-15A (8.8A typical)
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.2-3.5Ohm (1.5Ohm typical)
  • Efficiency: 92%
  • Screen on current: 25mA
  • Quiescent current: 1mA
  • Power down current: 300uA
  • Screen size: 0.66″ OLED
  • Built in ichip charger, which is micro-USB powered and provides a 500mA charge current

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  • John P 12/09/2014

    apparently according to vendor site comments discussion section, it MAY not be authentic YIHI board inside just a caution unless you can verify the board

  • VH fan 12/10/2014

    Now this is the kind of mid wattage device that i can appreciate , hopefully the chip is a legit YiHi although if it was i would think it would be the SX 330 35 watt chip.

  • sammy ash 12/10/2014

    I received a current FT DNA 30 hana V3 clone and am very impressed with it’s performance and construction.

    Night and day from the earlier ones.

    This looks nice as well.

  • wanda 12/11/2014

    Apparently there is also a clone 50 watt zero mod clone with an sx300 chip, that is upgradeable. I think I may wait for that one instead


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