Yep Wood Box Mod $26.53

Yep Wood Box

Yep Mechanical Box Mod

The people who brought you the Hell’s Gate box mod have now brought out the Yep Wood mechanical box that is on sale through FastTech for just $26.53.

The Yep Wood box mod is a fully mechanical masterpiece, fit for any unregulated box mod fanatic. It sports a simple, ergonomic design that is sure to satisfy any vaper out there. Just like Yep’s original Hell’s Gate box mod, the Yep Wood box mod is also made to top notch quality and simplicity.

The Yep Wood mechanical box mod has a smooth floating 510 connection to accommodate any RDA. It also sports a magnetic backing that can pop on and off with ease. The base of the 510 and the back of the firing switch are completely covered up, leaving a neat and tidy battery sled.

Yep did an amazing job in designing the Yep Wood box mod. It is sure to satisfy the needs of any vaper out there without overloading the user with needless LED displays and regulations. Make sure to get your hands on the Yep Wood box mod from FastTech for just $26.53. And as always, vape on.

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  • 510 thread connection
  • Floating copper 510 center pin
  • Copper battery positive contacts
  • Stainless steel negative contacts
  • Side mounted firing button
  • Houses dual 18650 battery
  • Wood packing box

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