Yep RDA by Kingtu – $26.99 USA

Yep RDA Kingtu

Original Dripping Atomizer

The new original Yep RDA by Kingtu is now in stock at VaporDNA. Get one for only $26.99 with coupon code “VC10” for 10% off.

The Yep RDA is an original design by Kingtu with an innovative new showering effect airflow system. This unique airflow system integrates a screen pattern with very small air holes positioned tightly together. The system has 48 air holes with a set of 24 on each side of the barrel, this slows down the airflow speed giving the air a showering effect.  Cloud and flavor production from this RDA is simply amazing.

The top cap of the Yep RDA has heat sink fins to keep the device cool and an extreme wide-bore drip tip. The base of the RDA also has heat sink fins with a special air inlet to help keep the atomizer cool from the base up. It also features and ultra deep juice well and a copper 510 center pin for excellent conductivity.

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Yep RDA Features:

  • Made out of 304 Stainless Steel
  • 22mm in Diameter so it will fit most of your mod Flush!
  • Custom extreme wide bore drip tip
  • Comes with one wide bore drip tip in Stainless Steel that is attached to the top cap
  • Full center copper adjustable contact pin for maximum conductivity
  • Heat Fins on top for maximum heating disbursement
  • Split Center Post design for ease of build
  • AFC top cap has multiple holes sizes for even more condensed Showering Effect!
  • Ultra deep juice well
  • Bottom air slits openings are for additional heat disbursement
  • Revolutionary AFC controls the denseness of the vapor, also controls the swirling effect in combination with the showering effect
  • Copper 510 for maximum conductivity
  • Original & Affordable
  • A Must Have For ALL Cloud and Flavor Chasers!

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  • Frank Hoo 01/15/2015

    The Yep Rda is our parent products, not from Kingtu. Pls change the title to “Yep RDA by Yepecig ” or i will complain with you, thanks


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