Win a Seven 22 Watt 22650 E-Cigarette Mod

Win a Seven 22 watt e-cigarette

Win The New Seven 22 Watt E-Cig Mod – Retail: $129.99

The Seven 22 Watt e-cigarette mod is latest DNA20/DNA30 clone coming from china. The 722 mod is mad of stainless steel and is powered by the large 22650 batteries. It features the SX220 chip, 7 – 22 watt output, OLED screen, 24k gold plated spring, and floating contact pin. The retail value of this e-cigarette is $129.99.

Enter below to Win a Seven 22 E-Cigarette…

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Nathan is the founder of and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • JJ Spencer 04/08/2014

    man, winning anything would be great, but this seven would rock!

    • Steven 04/16/2014

      Another great giveaway! More mods, batteries, ohm meters, rda’s, starter kits, or like JJ says winning anything would be great!

    • Marc 04/29/2014

      More Mods!

    • chad 05/01/2014

      High wattage VW devices such as ones with DNA 30 chip

    • Crissy 05/10/2014

      Very nice giveaway, Thank you

  • Chris Young 04/08/2014

    More Mechanicals!

  • Jim 04/09/2014

    I would love to win this mod!

  • Joy Myerholtz 04/09/2014

    Mods, and gear

  • TJ 04/09/2014

    some good ejuice would be fun to win.

  • David S. 04/09/2014

    I want to win any silver contact magnetic switch 26650 mech mod!!!

  • Gonzo 04/09/2014

    I would like to see a giveaway for a DNA 30 device.

  • Aaron 04/09/2014

    winning anything would be awesome but i prefer mech mods..

  • Laura Kirklin 04/09/2014

    I would like to win premium e liquids

  • Alicia McDaniel 04/09/2014

    I would love to see more mechs, or an omega rba

  • djironic 04/09/2014

    RBAs and Mechanical Mods please!!! 🙂

  • Ray 04/09/2014

    Just winning anything in general is a nice feeling but if I had to pick i’d say either mechanical mods or more atty’s or RDA’s

  • brett 04/09/2014

    more mech mods and maybe a dna 30 giveaway again

  • Braedon Serra 04/09/2014

    more mechanical mods, a nice RDA, or premium e-liquids

  • Jason 04/10/2014

    Mods and tanks

  • Dave 04/10/2014

    Winning a 7-22 would be phenominal! A DNA 20 would be cool too

  • Tyson 04/10/2014

    i would love to win a dna30 device

  • jyuma 04/10/2014

    A fully stocked DIY juice making kit

  • Allen 04/10/2014

    Kayfun, also hoping for the ProVari lol.

  • Thierry Sanders-Brillault 04/10/2014

    I would love to win a group of tanks. Like 3 or 4 protanks.

  • Crystal Fuse 04/10/2014

    It will be good to see adna30 mod.

  • bill wellington 04/10/2014

    dna 30 is what i want but the 22 is right up my alley

  • charlie hill 04/10/2014

    anything would be epic im poor

  • Tonia Pross 04/10/2014

    Any kind of starter kit or ecig.

  • Bill 04/10/2014

    Definitely mech mods and the new tanks you post that are the cheapest available is always awesome

  • Bill 04/10/2014

    Definitely mech mods

  • Vapin Pete 04/10/2014

    High powered, regulated mods with onboard electronics!

  • Vapin Vicki 04/10/2014

    PROVARI Or MVP2 Shine edition 🙂

  • Melissa 04/10/2014

    I would love to be able to win a nice VV/VW mod, but anything nice is fine too

  • Cindy Vincent 04/10/2014

    Anything your generous heart wants to give away!

  • GHomer 04/10/2014

    I would love to win just about anything to do with vaping 😉 I’m not only a fan i’m addicted to healthy alternatives 😉

  • nicolas 04/10/2014

    Maybe more rba

  • Marci Holland 04/10/2014

    A Zna mod. 🙂

  • Ed 04/10/2014

    Winning a new mod of any type that is better than my ego-t

  • Zach Jacobs 04/10/2014

    Honestly winning anything would be great. Like this mod. I already own it, but if I win, I can always give it away to a friend.

  • Chad Baggett 04/10/2014

    Sony VTC5s and a good charger

  • Jimmy 04/10/2014

    A chance to win anything is great. Love the big mods most of us dream about! 🙂

  • Chris 04/10/2014

    A DNA30 mod!! ZNA!!! 😀

  • Glen Snyder 04/10/2014

    ZNA why not dream big?

  • George Darcy 04/10/2014


  • Jay Robert 04/11/2014

    ZNA 30D mod

  • Kelly Plehn 04/11/2014

    I would love a good mod and some tasty liquids

  • Pam Gaeta 04/11/2014

    One million dollars!!!! mwahahahahahaha……

  • Linda Kubala 04/11/2014

    Anything to do with vaping would be fantastic.

  • Melissa 04/11/2014

    I think it would be nice to win a nice e cigarette stand, I also agree about maybe a gift card to Virgin Vapors, a month or two of Zample Box, or some other high quality, premium e-liquid, a battery pack would be useful too, so maybe give out gift cards, so people can shop around and buy whatever it is they’re needing/wanting!

  • Keith Flower 04/11/2014

    It would just be great to win something don’t know what I would do. Thanks for the chance. VAPE ON MY FRIENDS.

  • Josh McCoy 04/12/2014

    I’m new to vaping so anything vape related is awesome to me,

  • Jim 04/12/2014

    Great Mod to win!

  • Josh Gilmore 04/12/2014

    Im happy to win anything personally but if im gonna dream im gonna go with a DNA or ZNA 20/30 mod

  • Ryan Conley 04/12/2014

    Anything dna 20/30 would be great! 🙂

  • DJ Ca5T 04/12/2014

    winning a Gi2 would be amazing, or a Zenith V2!

  • Alvin Brown 04/12/2014

    Thought would give it a shot to win, but not a lucky person at all

  • Alvin Brown 04/12/2014

    Smoking is dead vaping is the future

  • Zaid Alquraishi 04/12/2014

    Oh yeahhhhh.. Hope to win that badass seven-22 mod:)

  • Tex Nugent 04/13/2014

    A full starter kit,with an RDA/RTA, a nice mod, battery, charger, and just enough kanth, and wick to do a couple rebuilds would be great! Many thanks for the giveaways and all you do for your customers !

  • Aaron 04/13/2014

    The new kanger aerotank mega

  • Brian 04/13/2014

    A chance to get a Hana Mod would be awesome!

  • Misty 04/13/2014

    Winning would be so awesome

  • silvrcraze 04/13/2014

    I’d be excited to win anything. I never win so I can’t be picky lol!

  • bill vapes 04/14/2014

    this mod is TITS!

  • jeff 04/14/2014


  • philsh 04/14/2014

    would luuuuuvvv this monster! 🙂 ph

  • Keith Brock 04/15/2014

    DNA30 mod or something with the Raptor chip

  • Chris 04/15/2014

    Vaping at 22w mmm hmmm

  • Heden Aklowd 04/15/2014

    I want a Seven 22 or a DNA 30

  • Andy Infante 04/15/2014

    I’d like a provari!

  • Lindsay Hetzler 04/15/2014

    I want a Provari please! Thank you!

  • Shell 04/15/2014

    Batteries, rebuilding supplies etc

  • Scott 04/15/2014

    Mods, Tanks, Attys, anything Vape related would be Great!

  • Kip Fulton 04/16/2014

    A ZNA 30!!!

  • James Metzger 04/16/2014

    this would be an awesome device to start a collection with.

  • Dana Lee Church 04/16/2014

    I would like to see more RBS’s that are quality and easy to build and reload with juice. I’ve liked nothing I’ve tried. Kayfun lit plus comes closest.
    There ya go.

  • Colin Moffitt 04/16/2014

    a STEAM STM-1 Advanced Personal Vaporizer

  • Patrick 04/16/2014

    I have never won anything so anything would be great

  • Nate Bascue 04/16/2014

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I love winning juice sets, and kits.

  • Randy Ryan 04/16/2014

    Definitely mods and tanks!

  • Barbara Long 04/16/2014

    Anything! Free is awesome! 🙂

  • Tiffany B. 04/16/2014

    I would love to see more MODs be given away!

  • Robert Ramirez 04/16/2014

    would be happy winning anything. but the 7/22 or the DNA 30 would be awesome to have.

  • RAYNA 04/17/2014

    I would love to win a vaporshark dna 30

  • david h. 04/17/2014

    a legit kato hammer.. in my dreams

  • Chris 04/17/2014

    Tanks and mods

  • David Richbart 04/17/2014

    This Seven 22 is my “vape lust” right now!

  • Brian McD 04/18/2014

    Mech Mods or anything that can vape over 20 watts

  • mike 04/18/2014

    Mech mods and rebuildables

  • Tyler Pace 04/18/2014

    I would love to win some mech mods

  • tommy j eversole 04/18/2014

    any mod that has the ability to be a vv/vw and unregulated in one device.

  • George Maupin 04/19/2014

    High end mech MOD

  • Dan 04/19/2014

    I’d like to win a Provari.

  • Blake Braden 04/19/2014

    More mods, esp mech mods – like the flip for instance would be great!

  • Steve Paulsen 04/20/2014

    a high end RTA or DNA-30 mod

  • Doug 04/20/2014

    Would just love to win something

  • MarixD 04/20/2014

    NES DNA30 please

  • JOHN 04/20/2014


  • Marty 04/21/2014

    I would like to win mods, tanks, and RDA’s!

  • Barbii 04/21/2014

    I would love to win some really cool glass tanks or drip tips

  • James Miller 04/22/2014

    The 22 Watt!

  • jerkbeard 04/22/2014

    DNA30 Mod!

  • Amy Hackley 04/22/2014

    I’d REALLY like to win a ZNA mod!

  • Jason 04/22/2014

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity

  • Will 04/23/2014

    Kanger Mega Aerotank

  • JJ Spencer 04/23/2014

    would love to win a VV/VW mod, need one, only have mechs atm.

  • Ricardo Hernandez 04/24/2014

    Would love a giveaway of an eVic Supreme

  • Jaymes Johnson 04/24/2014

    I’d love to see an e-juice giveaway. There are so many varieties out there, I wish I could taste them all!

  • Rhonda Bayless 04/24/2014

    I’d love to win a hana mini!

  • Luke Whitmire 04/25/2014

    A gift basket of multiple e-juice flavors would be a cool prize!

  • Vapin Martin 04/26/2014

    Won’t let me enter

  • James 04/27/2014

    Massive Juice Sampler

  • Rebecca R 04/27/2014

    Would love to win anything but a nice charger would be cool too!

  • Shane 04/27/2014

    Would really like to see what that apv can do

  • Brandon 04/27/2014

    About the only prize better than the seven 22 that I can think of is a ZNA 30

  • Allen Cruz 04/27/2014

    I would like to win anything…Thanks for the Chance!

  • Giampiero 04/28/2014

    More ejuice!

  • Justin 04/28/2014

    I would prefer to win mech mods, but anything would be awesome

  • Shannon Brown 04/28/2014

    I would love to win anything.

  • Kyle Alderman 04/28/2014

    Needs more ejuice!

  • RayneBeau Vaper 04/28/2014

    I would love to win an authentic Volcano LavaTube with an Aspire Pyrex tank and a 12 pack variety sample (different flavor and brands) of premium e-liquids.

  • Leslie 04/28/2014

    A mod would be great to get me back to vaping instead of vaping.

  • Scott 04/28/2014


  • A.C. 04/30/2014

    The Shield

  • Jason 04/30/2014

    This would make a great first mod for me!

  • scar 05/01/2014

    Any dna30 mod.

  • ian 05/01/2014

    I’d love to win anything with a DNA chip in it, or some high end RBA\RDA’s

  • Alan 05/02/2014

    More RDAs would be good!

  • larry 05/02/2014

    anything vape related

  • Joe Kirby 05/03/2014

    Mod and rda

  • Shana 05/03/2014

    love giveaways vape related items are great would love to see anything vape related thank you for the giveaways

  • john modugno 05/03/2014

    Mechs and rdas

  • Aleasha Gevedon 05/03/2014

    Winning anything is always great!!! Doesn’t matter what!!

  • Michael B 05/04/2014

    Mods, mods, and more mods! I’ve never won a single thing in my life, not even those stupid cake walk competitions when I was a kid. Just winning ANYTHING and breaking the family curse would be great. An SS screw, a rubber gasket, anything LOL

  • Cale Price III 05/04/2014

    Mods, tanks, batteries…….

  • Amber Tucker 05/04/2014

    Anything that makes clouds!

  • TaDow 05/04/2014

    I would love to win this but the link won’t come up on my phone. Regardless, I love this blog. So many great tips, deals, giveaways (even though I’m unable to enter w/o computer), links, etc. Great job!

  • David Straughan 05/08/2014

    would love to win a Mech mod and some juice

  • michelle mccowen 05/08/2014

    Big Nasty whole setup!!

  • larry 05/09/2014

    anything vaping related would be just fine

  • Doug Weaver 05/09/2014

    More DNA devices

  • Ryan 05/10/2014

    Any 120 watt or 30 watt mod.

  • Crissy 05/10/2014

    Very nice giveaway.. Thanks

  • Jess 05/10/2014

    anything vape related, thank you for the giveaways

  • Carla 05/10/2014

    Tanks and mods

  • J Leeson 05/10/2014

    really wanting to get a mod! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • David Skaggs 05/10/2014

    Mod or a tank

  • Lucy 05/10/2014

    More modz and some high quality e liquid!!!!

  • Erik Gustafson 05/11/2014

    Drippers and mods!

  • chris 05/11/2014

    This would be awesome to win or an Evic30

  • Jill J 05/11/2014

    All I have ever won in my life is juice, Id give anything to win something other than juice since I have an over abundance of juice and enough juice to last me two lifetimes! This would be the win of the century!

  • Ryan Roberts 05/11/2014

    I really want a provari in the next one

  • Patricia Loper 05/12/2014

    Crossing Fingers!

  • Vaping Barb 05/12/2014

    Would LOVE to win a Mod!

  • Alan 05/12/2014

    I would like to win a ZNA

  • jessica mc 05/12/2014

    I would be happy with something nicer than my cheap cheap one i got, it works but id love something nice.. im to poor to bye anything right now.. so hope to win this prize

  • Maxime A 05/12/2014

    RDA & dripper

  • Sharon 05/12/2014

    Seven 22 Watt 22650 E-Cigarette Mod

  • Chris 05/12/2014

    Any 26650 or copper mods would be awesome

  • Jim 05/12/2014

    I would love to win a provari with z atty setup ss

  • Matt Carter 05/12/2014

    i would love to win anything. i dont have any vapors and would love to quit smoking

  • Anelese 05/12/2014

    Spire mod by Beyond Vapes

  • Gail 05/12/2014

    I want to win a eVic Supreme, and a Segelei 35!

  • jaise 05/14/2014

    So am I entered automatically? It say “you may need to subscribe to newsletters to win.” So when I subscribed to first give way am I automatically in the rest? Do I have to write a comment. Do I have to re subscribe each time?. I just a little confused. Any response would be awsome!

  • Jason Valentine 05/30/2014

    So who won? I haven’t received my e-mail yet. =)


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