Vulcan Vector RDA Clone $11.81

Vector RDA Clone

Vulcan Vector RDA Clone

Fasttech placed the Vulcan Vector RDA clone up for sale at the measly price of $11.81, a steal compared to the authentic’s price tag. This 1:1 clone sports all the same features that the original Vulcan Vector RDA and performs identically.

The Vulcan Vector RDA is unique in design and shines when it comes to airflow. This is because of the top airflow holes positioned so that air can hit directly on the coils. Top airflow is definitely becoming more common, and as it should be. The Vulcan Vector RDA proves that top airflow holes make for one excellent vape.

The only flaw with this device that is completely subjective is that there are only three posts on the build deck. With so many four post RDA’s taking over the market, it is abnormal to see one with just three. However, the Vulcan Vector makes up for its three post design with exceptionally large post holes and a deep juice well.

The Vulcan Vector RDA clone is definitely worth the buy for anyone looking for something new and cheap to vape on. Don’t miss out on this steal from Get it while you can and continue to vape on.

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Vector Features

  • 303 stainless steel construction
  • Vertical air intake
  • 8 air holes above the coils
  • Wide bore AFC drip tip
  • Leak-free design
  • 3 posts design
  • Large post holes
  • Spin-proof center post
  • Pure red copper contact
  • Peek insulator
  • Under-passing juice well

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