Vulcan Drip Tip Set – $26.99 USA

Vulcan Drip Tip Set

Vulcan Drip Tip Set

Custom Drip Tip

Here’s the perfect drip tip to go with your Vulcan RDA! Right now you can get the Vulcan Drip Tip set for only $26.99 when you use coupon code “VC10” for 10% off at checkout.

The Vulcan drip tip is a unique drip tip that combines function with design. These precisely machined drip tips are made in Japan by a Japanese CNC Perfectionist and imported into the USA. The drip tip’s incorporate a three piece design with interchangeable center fins to help disperse heat.

To assemble just slide one of the three different heat sink pieces over the stainless steel base and inner tube. The PEEK mouthpiece then screws onto the inner tube and holds the drip tip together. The Vulcan drip tip set comes with a copper, brass, and stainless steel heat sink pieces so you can match it with any atomizer.

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Product Features:

  • Three Piece Construction
  • Interchangeable Heat Fin Rings for customization and personality
  • Comes with THREE Interchangeable Heat Fins (SS, Brass, and Copper)
  • Heat Fins are designed to disburse heat more efficiently
  • PEEK month piece
  • Beautifully crafted, precisely machined, perfectly executed piece of art!
  • Match Beautifully with your Vulcan RDA or just any RDAs
  • Made by a Japanese CNC Perfectionist Producer

Japan Drip Tip Set

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