Vpark V-Box 50W/30W Kit $49.99

V-Box 50/30W

V-Box 50W/30W Kit

The next installment of vape kits is here with the release of the Vpark V-Box kits. You can purchase the V-Box 50W full kit for just $59.99 or the 30W full kit for $49.99 from AngelCigs. These brand new vape kit options are sure to blow a lot of vapers away.

The Kangertech SubBox kit came out not long ago, ushering in an era of subtank/mod combo packages catering to the vaping majority and blowing a lot of people away. Now, we have the V-Box 50 watt and 30 watt kits that follow this path.

The V-Box is much the same as the SubBox in functionality. However, it sports some differences both visually and internally that are sure to influence vapers to turn away from Kangertech’s powerhouse kit, including temperature control, micro-USB charging, and a simple way to dial-in your preferred vape setting.

The main difference between the V-Box 50W kit and the SubBox is that it sports temperature control, a feature that has been sorely missed in the SubBox. The V-Box 50W has a temperature range of 200-600°F and reads down to 0.1Ω with temperature sensing wire.

The V-Box 30W kit is very similar to its 50W counterpart in aesthetic. The primary differences for the 30W version are that it sports an internal battery and does not utilize temperature control. Even though it does not have temperature control, it makes up for it with easy portability and small size.

The tank that comes with the 30W V-Box kit is slightly different from what comes with the 50W version as well. Instead of coming with the Maxtank Pro, the 30W kit comes with the Maxtank Mini. It is a smaller tank that sports a weaker coil. However, it fits really well with the smaller kit.

The Maxtank Pro comes with the V-Box 50W kit. It sports a stainless steel design and utilizes bottom vertical dual coil heads. Instead of the weaker coils that come standard with the Maxtank Mini, the Pro version sports both a 0.1 and 0.2 ohm coil head option It is a great pairing with the V-Box 50W and is sure to satisfy the majority of vapers out there.

Overall, the V-Box 50W and 30W kits are great deals that are both visually pleasing and effective. They could very well be some of the best kits to come onto the market. At only $59.99 and $49.99 respectively through AngelCigs, these kits are a great deal as well. Place your order today, and as always, vape on.

30W $49.99

50W $59.99

50W Features

  • Maxtank pro:
    • Top filling
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Bottom Vertical dual coil
    • Resistance:0.1 ohm (temperature sensing wire ), 0.3 ohm (kanthal wire)
    • Standard 510 thread
    • Airflow control on both top and bottom
  • V-box50w :
    • Aluminium alloy
    • Wattage range:1-50W
    • Temperature range:200-600F
    • Ohm range:0.2-2.0ohm (Standard kanthal wire)
    • Ohm range: 0.1-1.0Ω(Temperature sensing wire)
    • Bright LCD display
    • Knob adjuster for temperature & wattage adjustment 2 in 1
    • Rotatable button to select different modes
    • Dust-proof micro USB pass-through charging port
    • Standard 510 thread with spring-loaded center pin

30W Features

  • Maxtank mini
    • Size:60*18mm
    • Top filling
    • Polished stainless steel
    • Cloud vapor production
    • BVDC(Bottom vertical dual coil),Resistance:0.5ohm
    • Standard 510 thread with spring-loaded center pin
    • Airflow control on both top and bottom
  • V-box 30w mini
    • Size:55*41*22mm
    • Aluminium alloy
    • Wattage range:5-30W
    • Ohm range:0.3-2.0ohm
    • Bright LCD display
    • Dust-proof micro USB pass-through charging port
    • Built in lithium battery
    • Standard 510 thread with spring-loaded center pin

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  • Noah 08/04/2015

    Definitely looks nicer thank the subbox (at least black wise) and it’s at an affordable price, but I do wish these no-name companies would step up their originality a bit instead of just mimicing the more reputable vendors.

    Seems like Kanger, Aspire, Sigelei, and Smok are the only vaping companies to actually try original concepts as far as tank function/aesthetics and mod function/aesthetics versus these other guys popping up overnight.

  • robert 08/05/2015

    Looks like a dial that turns the voltage up and down or wattage. I have no luck with them just like in most car stereos eventually they go to hell and just start bouncing back and forth instead of going up or down. Last one I bought was the Tesla Sidewinder and it lasted two weeks now the dial just bounces back and forth. Hope it works for you guys

  • Gary 08/05/2015

    Finally a stumpy box with power!! At least the 30 watt is more unique and it’s something I want, the only other alternative is the istick mini and we all know what kind of beast that is 🙂

  • Juan Pizarro 08/05/2015

    On the Angel Cigs website the price is showing 69.99 and not59.99 as posted on Vaping Cheap.

  • Ryan 08/05/2015

    Hey Nathan, is there a coupon code for these or what. It’s showing up as $69.99 when i went to order one.

  • Johnathon 08/05/2015

    I ordered your vpark vbox 50w kit the money came off of my card and the website kicked me off I am very outraged right now

    • Nathan 08/05/2015

      You did not place an order with Vaping Cheap (this site), You will have to contact the company you ordered from.

  • Johnathon 08/05/2015

    This was two weeks ago

  • Ryan 02/17/2016

    Does the 30w have temperature? If so how much?


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