Venturi RBA Clone – $4.66 USA

Venturi RBA Clone

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

They just put the Venturi RDA clone on sale at angel cigs so for a limited time you can pick one up for only $4.66 plus shipping. Now that’s one super sweet vape deal! This sale only last for 24 hours so you better grab one quick!

The authentic Venturi is made by Neovapetek and sells for $130, get one here. This unique kayfun styled RDA comes with three different top caps, each one gives the device its own unique look. One of the most unique features of the Venturi is its adjustable chimney. This innovative features allows the airflow to travel from the outside to the inside of the chimney, this air circulation produces some amazing flavor from your vapor.

The Venturi Clone is a 1:1 copy of the original. It has a unique o-ring-less design and comes with three different top caps. Enjoy the amazing flavor production of the Venturi for one tenth the price.

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Venturi Clone Features:

  • 22mm, Attractive, User Friendly Design
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Customizable with Included 3-Cover “Classic Collection”
  • 16mm 3-Post Standard Platform with 1.25mm Lead Holes for Building Ease
  • 22k Gold Plated Brass Extended Center Post (Removable and Adjustable) w/ Quad Lead Holes
  • Negative Posts Integrated and Reinforced (Not Pressed)
  • Ultra-Deep Juice Reservoir / Re-Drip Interval Maximized
  • Removable PEEK Insulator
  • O-Ring-Less
  • Highly Leak-Resistant – Low Maintenance
  • Fully Adjustable and Lockable Internal & External Cyclops Airflow Setting. Adjusts Internally via Turning Chimney to Desired Setting, or Externally via Twisting the Drip Tip (while unlocked)
  • Exceptional Flavor Production
  • RDA Type Vapor Production/Volume Retained

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  • Rossi 04/10/2015

    The venturi is one of the best under rated flavor junkie lovin rdas that has come out. Nuff said

  • brian 04/10/2015

    USA sale shows $8.00 not $4.66


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