Variant 250 Mod Clone

Variant 250 box mod clone

260 Watt Box Mod

Not too long ago Vicious Ant, the company behind the Valkyrie mod and Kracken RBA, announced the new Variant Ti 250 Box Mod capable of a huge 250 watt output. Pre-ordering this device will set you back 599 pounds (or $964) which makes it a bit too expensive for most vapers, but don’t worry.

I was recently informed that Psmoke has cloned the Variant 250 and I have already seen a pre-order for this device but I thought it was way overpriced. The price of the clone version hasn’t been set yet but it will be way cheaper than the authentic.

There is limited information on the Variant 250 clone by Psmoke but we do have some information. Variant 250 Clone ChipFirst the clone is actually going to output a 10 watts more than the authentic giving it a maximum output of 260 watts. It will be made from 304 grade stainless steel with an “explosion proof” glass LED screen. Finally, I’m so sick and tired of explosions breaking the glass on my e-cig mods.

It will also have a built-in Lithium Ion battery with two 4.2 volt cells run in series creating a 2600mah 8.4 volt battery.  The specks we got from Psmoke said that the Variant clone will have an output of 2 – 8.5 volts but that seems low for a 260 watt device. They also said that it will fire atomizers with a resistance load from 0.5ohm to 3.0ohms.

Psmoke also plans to release a diamond encrusted version of the Variant 250 Clone for the ladies, or maybe some guys will want one too. (see above photo).

Buy a Variant 250 w/ Battery  & Charger for $219.95 here

Buy the Smoktech Version Here

Variant 250 Clone Features:

  • 304 grade Stainless Steel
  • Explosion proof glass/LCD screen
  • 5 – 260 Watt Output
  • 2.v-8.5 volt output (?)
  • Fires atomizers from 0.5 – 3.00ohm
  • 2 Cell 8.4v Lipo Battery (2600 mah)

Variant 250 ti

Variant 260 clone 510

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  • Lisa Stanton 10/21/2014

    Wow!! Why on earth would anyone even NEED this much power when vaping?? This is my hobby and I love it, but I would NEVER spend this kind of mine on vaping. I wouldn’t buy an authentic ANYTHING because there are clones, and why take away from my family for a hobby? It just seems selfish to me. If you don’t have kids, it’s different. Idk I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me, but hell, I can barely afford an ego nowadays!! To each their own!

  • Tam Semreh 10/21/2014

    2600 mAh and 250 watts. The charge won’t last long on that lipo cell. And only able to sub ohm down to .5 ohms = fail.

    • Marc Cepeda 11/24/2014

      Sub-ohm coils were designed so that you could increase the wattage you vape at without cranking up the voltage, namely on unregulated devices (i.e. mechanical mods). By cranking up the voltage, you can achieve the same kind of high-wattage vape without having to go so low on the resistance. 100W with 0.1369Ω coil at 3.7V is still 100W with 0.5Ω at just over 7V.

      • Texas Haze 01/21/2015

        this guy knows what hes talking about

  • John P 10/22/2014

    you have a typo on the coil it will run as the pic CLEARLY shows the coil @ 0.09 ohms to achieve the 260 watts specified, sounds like a YIHI series board to me….. but it might not be

  • wanda 10/22/2014

    Erhmahgerd….I want it now

  • Austin 10/22/2014

    Math fail. To get 260 watts out of a 0.5ohm build, you need no less than 11.4 volts.

  • Chris skates 10/27/2014 local vape has the authentic at .2 ohms. But either way 260 watts is a little overboard. I think I’ll stick with my 50 dollar 30 watter lol still interesting to see this monster in action though

      • Chris skates 10/27/2014

        Yea it’s absolutely ridiculous. Unless it also has wifi can make phone calls and take pictures 750 is insane. I got my DNA 30 mod from focalecig for 50…..completely satisfied lol

  • Chris is Beast 10/30/2014

    Over over priced… I agree with Chris, it better has wifi, make phone calls, and so on… I’ve been debating to get a box mod but not 750$. That’s ridiculous… more power to you if you could afford it and making gigantic thick as clouds and not even superman can’t see through it with his xray vision.

  • Josh 11/14/2014

    The .5 ohm minimum does not seem correct to achieve 260W, and even if it could for what purpose to burn you juice and taste horrible… now if that was .05 ohm lower limit I would be interested… not in the $900 authentic, but the $250 clone I may look into… can we clarify this? The picture you show shows a .09 ohm build, but the description only states a .5 ohm capability?

    • Chris skates 11/14/2014

      The authentic rates at .2 so I’m not sure what either company is doing. The .09 could just be photoshoped or not even on what they’re describing. Won’t really know till they come out. Nathan just reports what he sees josh

      • Josh 11/17/2014

        I understand but at .5 ohms why would you even need 260 watts?

  • Harry 11/18/2014

    Is this clone available now? Where can I buy it?

  • rickn 12/20/2014

    Mine just arrived today. My screen text is slightly tilted(bo hoo), but other than that, build quality is very high. I believe it’s the Smoktech version for $186+. Ordered on the 5th and was in “preparing to ship” until the guy knocked on my door today at 6:30PM. LOL! Been using ever since and batt is down to 53%. Looks like my usage will be 1 to 1 1/2 days per charge. Crooked screen and all….I just love it. Fits in the hand just right, easy press on fire button, stealth mode is 2 clicks away, cntrls system is very well designed. Everything is just…..very quick!

  • Todd A Meiners 01/23/2015

    i’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that the farthest it can push 260w to is a 0.2719 due to the fact that it has a 8.4v limit and 30.89 amps is a lot going through the device… should be able to fire a 0.09 like the picture but its subject to how the circuit board is set up… it should be able to at least do 0.1 due to the fact that you only need about 5.43v to run 250watts… getting my own soon… i’ll be sure to post what the ohm limit on mine is and let you all know… super excited about the device regardless…


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