Vaptio New Year Sale! Up to 70% Off!

Vaptio New Year Sale! Up to 70% Off!

Store Sale

Looking out for celebrating your holidays in an exceptional way? Stop your search right here and right now! Because you have just landed on the right page at the very right time! Their online website is proud to bring to your notice these magnificent sale items!

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During the Vaptio New Year Sale, you can save up to 70% off! This sale does include box mods, RTAs, vape starter kits, RDAs, and RDTAs! Some of the deals currently available are Vaptio Frogman XL Tank for only $9.99, Vaptio N1 Pro and Lite Kit for only $40.98, Vaptio Solo Basic, Solo Basic 2 and Solo Mini for only $6.99 and much more! The Frogman XL Tank is a flash sale that is effective on January 1st with limited pieces, to be sure to check back!

The very popular N1 Pro 240W Kit/200W Lite Kit is made available to you for nearly $40 at 70% discount. This sub ohm vape product with a multi-core structure is available in four good colors which are white and gold, white and red, black and red in addition to black and gold.

The VivaKita Move2 240W RDTA kit includes a Turbo RDTA-L tank, a clapton coil and a Move2 240W MOD. It easily converts the tank from RDTA to RDA mode which meets different vaping preferences.

The C II Pen style vape kit with a battery backup of 3000 mAh is also on the list of discounted items. You are ushered with the golden chance to select from two great colors, grey and black. The C II vape pen starter kit is to be provided at a discount of 40%.

When you spend over $150 you will get a 5pc Frogman Coil, Spend Over $250 will get the Solo Mini Kit and spend over $350 you will get Vaptio Frogman Tank for free! Some of the current deals will be listed down below!

All in all, this is a excellent store sale! If you are a fan of Vaptio or looking for some new vape hardware for cheap, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at Vaptio where you can save up to 70% off! Remember this sale ends 1/1/18! Each and every Vaptio device has a huge discount on it for a limited time, so we highly recommend you not let go of this golden opportunity!

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Some of The Current Deals:

  • Vaptio Frogman XL Tank $20.99
  • Vaptio N1 Pro Starter Kit $40.98
  • Vaptio N1 Lite Starter Kit $40.98
  • Vaptio Solo Basic $6.99
  • Vaptio Solo basic 2 $6.99
  • Vaptio Solo Mini $6.99
  • Vaptio Frogman Tank $18.99
  • Vaptio N1 Pro Box Mod $37.20
  • And More!

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