Vape-O-Clean Ultrasonic Cleaner – $14.99

VapeoClean Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaner for E-Cigarettes

They just marked to price down on both ultrasonic cleaners at Vape-O-Clean. Now the “Little Giant” ultrasonic cleaner is priced at $14.99 marked down from $49.99.

NOTE: The $14.99 version IS NOT Ultrasonic, only the $49.99 version is. My mistake.

Not too long ago Nicole did a review on the Little Giant ultrasonic cleaner from Vape-O-clean, read the full review here.

They also have their premium ultrasonic cleaner marked down to $49.99 from $99.99. I think an ultra sonic cleaner would be great for anyone who has lots of rebuildable atomizers. You could clean all the machine oils and gunk off brand new atomizers, clean them when you change flavors, and clean them for storage when you switch to a different device.

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  • Paul broveak 01/04/2015

    God I remember seeing these as a boy… But they were dentures… They didn’t work then and given rinsing your vape gear is all that’s needed, then I see this as 100% gimmic and pointless to buy… Just me though

    • Vickie 01/04/2015

      I agree. All you have to do is rinse in hot water. By the time you wait on the machine you could already be vaping. There’s a reason why they slashed the price so much lol.

      • Eivind 01/05/2015

        Even at this price it’s still a 200% markup, ebay search suggests. Feel sorry for those who purchased at “regular” price.

    • Munday 01/05/2015

      Actually these things are great and mostly used for people who make their own juice to speed the steeping proccess. Also when you buy a new rda or rba with machine oil on it, a normal soak doesnt take it off. 10 minutes in one of these works wonders.

  • Daniel 01/05/2015

    They are used for more in vaping than just cleaning your gear……. The reason they slashed prices is probably because they were so over priced to begin with

  • JimmyDB 01/05/2015

    This device was manufactured for dentures by a different company. Also, I don’t think they claim the one on sale for $15 is ‘ultrasonic’ on the website, please double check.

  • Mommay 01/05/2015

    I bought 1 the size of the premium at Bed Bath & Beyond for >$30 (and then used a 20% off coupon). Has a stainless tub, interior accessories, etc. This is still too much for these.


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