Vape Mod Silicone Sleeves $1.11+

Vape Mod Silicone Cases

If you haven’t noticed Fasttech now carry’s a nice selection of Vape Mod Silicone Sleeves at very low prices. You can get the silicone cases for all the Eleaf iStick mods, 18650 battery’s, and many other mods for between $1.11 and $1.59. Here is what they have:

  • 18650 battery Sleeve $1.16
  • Sigelei 100w/100w Plus Sleeve $4.50
  • Eleaf iStick 20w/30w Sleeve $1.45 or 6 for $6.09
  • Eleaf iStick 50w Sleeve $1.59 or 7 for $7.39
  • Cloupor Mini 30w Sleeve $1.11
  • Vapor Shark rDNA Sleeve $3.35

These silicone sleeves are great cases for your mods to help protect them from scratches or other damage. They also make some devices a lot more comfortable to hold, especially if they have sharper corners like the Sigelei 100w. The benefits of these cases far outweigh the $1.50 price tags.

 iStick 20/30w Sleeve   iStick 50wSleeve   Cloupor Mini Sleeve   18650 Sleeves  Sigelei 100w Sleeve   rDNA Sleeve


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  • Capt Donna 04/13/2015

    Got the one fr my Sig100W VERY nice after NOT having one ! Actually only took 8 working days 🙂

  • Jeremy Miller 06/29/2015

    Anyone know if there are these / any kind of case’s out for the IPV3 LI 165W?


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