Vape Mod Holder (G-Case Clone) – $2.73 China

E-Cigarette Mod Holder

E-Cigarette Mod Holder

eCig Holder

Here’s a useful eCigarette mod holder that was just listed at Fasttech and It looks like it’s a clone of the G-Case mod holder. Get the clone pouch for only $2.73 with free world-wide shipping included.

The original G-Case is made in the USA and sells for $21.99, you can get one here.

The pouch is designed to hold e-cigarette mods that are up to 30mm in diameter. The bag uses an elastic Mutispandex material with a a front zipper to hold your mod tightly in the pouch. The back of the pouch has a clip so you can clip in on your pant’s, purse,  backpack, or anything else. I’m not sure why they don’t have a belt loop on the back but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to sew one on. The holder measures 160mm tall by 60mm wide and is available with different colored front zippers.

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Product Features:

  • For use with mods up to 30mm wide
  • Elastic Strap to secure mod
  • Front exterior zipper
  • Hanging Secure belt clip
  • Smaller inner bag and elastic band
  • Available in multiple colors with red, grey, blue, purple, green, yellow, white, and black zippers

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