Vampire Bat RDA Clone $9.36

Vampire RDA

Vampire Bat Atomizer Clone

The Vampire Bat RDA clone is now available through FocalEcig for just $9.36 with the coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP.” Cube rebuildable atomizers are still circulating and providing great flavor to vapers everywhere.

The primary draw for cube atomizers is that they provide amazing flavor; just take the Hellboy RDA for example. The Vampire Bat RDA is following suit with that same idea (and the clone as well) while still remaining unique.

The Vampire Bat clone is a 1:1 replica of the authentic, sporting a wooden sleeve with a stainless steel base and black delrin accents. Out of all the atomizers on the market right now, this RDA probably has one of the most unusual aesthetics.

As far as effectiveness of vape goes, the Vampire Bat supposedly works exactly like the Hellboy RDA, sporting great flavor and decent vapor production. The cube style rebuildable atomizers are great for flavor, but are typically lackluster on the vapor production. If the Vampire Bat RDA’s flavor matches that of other cube atomizers, it is definitely worth the buy.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal from FocalEcig. Get your very own Vampire Bat RDA clone for just $9.36 and see what the hype is all about over cube RDA’s. And as always, vape on.


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  • Compatible with wood drip tip
  • Four posts design, single/dual coil build
  • Posts material: Stainless Steel
  • Air flow adjustable
  • 510 threaded connector (adjustable copper center pin)
  • 24mm overall diameter

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  • Mark Timblin 07/30/2015

    I have a Hellboy RDA clone..actually picked up one that I had n’t seen before. The cube itself has a green and brown camo design on it. I can agree that although the Hellboy RDA is great for flavor, vapor..depending on what juice your using and the VG content is nothing compared to a sub ohm tank system. All in all out of the dozen or so RDA’s that I have along with my Stilare and my Stilare v3 the Mephisto, and my Plume Veil..and surprisingly my Turbo v1, the Hellboy is in the top half of RDA’s I keep in constant rotation. The Vampire Bat RDA seems to be another inexpensive clone that I just might end up getting, just for its uniqueness and hopefully flavor production as well.
    Thank you Matt for your reviews as such as they are, you show both the good and the bad on the new stuff coming to the market today.


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