Vamped 40 Amp 18650 Battery – $9.99 USA

Vamped 18650 40A battery

Vamped 18650 40A battery

First 40 Amp 18650

There’s a new battery on the vaping scene under the brand name “Vamped”, get either a black or “copper” (looks more yellow to me) colored battery for only $9.99 each.

These Vamped 18650 batteries are said to be the first 40A 18650 battery on the market. I know I haven’t seen a 40A 18650 before. I would really like to see a test on all these different battery’s to see if they really meet the specs that they claim.

The Vamped 18650 has a 40 amp discharge rate and a 200mah capacity. I’ve seen a few positive forum post about these batteries but haven’t tried them myself.

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