Copper 4Nine V3 Clone – $11.99 USA

Copper 4Nine Clone

Mechanical Mod

They just dropped the price on a upgraded copper clone of the 4Nine mechanical mod at Customs Mod Creations. Right now there only $11.99! You can also get a stainless steel version for $13.99.

The 4Nine mod is a compact mechanical mod with multiple extension tubes to use 18650, 18500, or 18350 batteries. It has a hybrid style top cap to keep it compact and to minimize voltage drop by having the atomizer directly connect with the battery. This combined with the copper body create a voltage drop near zero! The bottom switch is magnetic and made from brass, it has a very simple design and is engraved with a logo and serial number,

This 4Nine V3 Clone has been customized with a number of upgrades with things like a new slim hybrid top cap and full sized magnets. It comes with two extension tunes and a spare magnet. This is a great deal but I’m not sure how long the 30% off coupon code will be valid.

Copper – $11.99   Stainless Steel – $13.99

4Nine V3 Clone Upgrades:

  • FULL SIZE 22mm Diameter
  • Body and Extension Tubes- SS
  • Top Cap – Direct 510 Connection with Atomizer to Lower Voltage Drop
  • Bottom Cap – Magnetic Firing Button
  • Can Accommodate 18350, 18490 and 18650 Batteries
  • Fine (0.5mm) Threading
  • Low Voltage Loss

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  • Josh 11/24/2014

    Don’t do it! I have one of these, and it sucks! Auto fires like crazy. Loose battery with lots of battery wobble. Magnets corrode quickly. Along with the mod (if it’s in copper). And it’s not seamless

    • Jake 11/24/2014

      It all depends on the clone manufacture. I have the Tesla v3 4 nine clone. Pretty close to seamless and little to no battery rattle using a Samsung 25r.

  • Josh 11/24/2014

    I am directly referring to Custom Mod Creations.

  • I just got my 4Nine V3 SS from Custom Mod Creations yesterday and it is fantastic. It is the tiniest 18650 imaginable. The design, with the hybrid top and bottom magnetic switch, is ingenious. I use a black Magma atty on it and VTC5s. I love it!

  • Stele77 02/05/2015

    Its states “copper COLOR”. So NO Copper. WTF!

  • JL 02/27/2015

    4Nine V3 Mechanical Mod Clone “In Copper” Color Via:

    Too bad I’m the only one to give an actual/factual update regarding this MOD….

    This is NOT a true 22mm MOD. It is around 21.75mm. You will certainly see the difference once you apply a 22mm RDA/RBA. This is just one of my problems with this specific clone I will list….

    1. NOT 22mm. (I was told the whole batch was in the ‘brushing’ process for too long). NONE of your 22mm RDA/RBA’s will be flush! Very poor craftsmanship!
    2. The magnets within the middle of the plastic donuts are too loose, and will spin out. I had to use plumber’s tape to keep mine in place. Very poor craftsmanship!
    3. The button is VERY clunky, to where I receive 1/3 of my hits to be misfires. Very poor craftsmanship!
    4. There is a ‘step’ within the top inside of the tube to where when you attempt to replace the battery, and not aligned properly, you will fire your MOD when not intended as you fasten/tighten the pieces together. Very poor craftsmanship!
    5. When using all 3 pieces of the tube to create a ‘seamless’ 18650 MOD, you will see that there is a VERY noticeable ‘checker board’ effect. Very poor craftsmanship!

    1. When it hits properly, it does well.
    2. Within company of people who do not vape, it looks nice to them.

    Conclusion: With everything I’ve listed that I’ve found when using this MOD for the first 4 days, I have concluded/believe (and not being a metal worker) that they have used a horrible piece of copper pipe to create this mod. This pipe had to have been very inexpensive due to the thickness was not the same all around. In order to get this pipe of copper to be somewhat close to the same thickness, they had to sand (brush) it down as much as they could. While doing so, they surpassed the 22mm’s as it should have been, and yet STILL did not ‘brush’ it far enough in order to prevent the ‘checker board’ effect.

    After Thoughts:
    If you want a copper look MOD… and are willing to give up what you really want for a look, feel, deal with 1/3 hits within each time you push that button for an understandable reason why it misfires due to it’s imperfections… then this MOD is right up your ally! did reply to each email… only if I asked them to. I’d suggest if you plan on emailing them, end your email with “Please reply”, or “I expect your reply soon”. Do not be aggressive, nor out of control. I believe they understand and are willing to help out if you happen to have a problem with anything. I do plan to keep this MOD even though offered to refund my $11.99 (Great customer service within my book!). However, I know shipping on my end will cost just pennies under what I paid after checkout, so it’s not worth it for me. I just wish they could provide exactly as they have listed for the same price, and I’d buy another one within seconds if all the problems I listed were fixed.

  • Sean 11/03/2015

    If the magnets are put on wrong it will autofire but if you install them correctly its not a problem. Just make sure they are pushing away from each other not pulling. If your button sticks to your battery, the magnet that goes on your battery needs flipped over. It is made of solid copper with a protective finish, the only way the whole body can tarnis is if the finish wore off. The magnets will corrode but almost all magnets in any mod do. Its caused by the heat and moisture inside the mod. I use a dremel tool andva wire brush ever so often to clean mine and they always come out looking new again. Another thing that works is peroxide, put some on a q-tip and drop a drop and the magnet let it sit 30 to 45 minutes and wipe it off.

  • Sean 11/03/2015

    Also, the button causes the 4nine a problem or two, but it is simple to fix. If your mod stops hitting properly, look at the small lip on the button that keeps it from falling out the bottom. If it is green or black, that green or black stuff is tarnish and it kills the ground. Clean it off with peroxide and a cotton ball, do not sand it or scrape itvwith a knife, as one day you will run out of material to sand/scrape and your button will no longer stay in. With the cotton ball and peroxide, it will take a little scrubbing and elbow grease, but it wont remove any metal just tarnish.


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