Twisted420 Box Mod $40.49


Mechanical Box Mod

It was only a matter of time until we saw a mod devoted to one of the funniest vapers on YouTube. VapingWithTwisted420 has partnered with WOTOFO to bring out this mechanical goliath. You can pick up your own Twisted420 mechanical box mod right here for just $40.49 with the coupon code, “VC10.”

The Twisted420 is a fully mechanical, triple 18650 device. It runs all cells in parallel in order to provide the longest battery life possible. In addition to providing great battery life, the Twisted420 box mod, also dubbed the Twisted Triple, can be run in single or dual battery modes based on your vaping preference.

The Twisted420 Twisted Triple box mod can handle resistances as low as 0.15 ohms. Below this, the MOSFET will immediately cut you off. The device sports a voltage range of 3.7-4.2 volts, and it sports an internal LED indicator for the voltage ranges.

Overall, the Twisted420 Twisted Triple mechanical box mod looks like a great device. If you are looking for a compact, parallel mechanical box mod, then you should definitely check this out. Do not miss out on this great deal from VaporDNA. Get your own Twisted420 box mod right now for just $40.49, and as always, vape on.

Coupon Code: VC10

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Twisted420 Features

  • Triple 18650 Battery Output
    • Run in Parallel
    • Can Be Run in Single, Dual or Triple 18650 Modes
  • MOSFET Protected Mechanical Output
    • 0.15 ohm Atomizer Resistance Cut-Off
    • 3.7V to 4.2V Output Range
  • Internal LED Indicator
    • Red Light- 3.2V to 3.5V
    • Blue Light- 3.5V to 3.8V
    • White Light- 3.8V to 4.2V
  • Dual Magnetized Battery Access Door
    • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510
  • Black Plated 510 and Firing Button

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  • Dimitrt 02/09/2016

    Does this come with some black paint so I can paint over the lame logo?



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